Fresh 48 Newborn Photo Session

Those first fresh 48 hours after a newborn is born 🤗 They are the most incredible moments!! Getting to meet and love on the little human you grew and created! That love at first sight! It’s like nothing you’ll experience again! Each child is different!! && I got to capture alll of that for some of our dearest family friends!! Every tiny feature before she grows and changes!!

Without sharing too much of this sweet family’s personal information, this session was extremely meaningful to me!! Let’s just start with that!!

I wanted to capture the location, the excitement of the walk to her room! Years and years down the road it will be fun to be able to visually walk thru it all!! The hospital I was born in has been torn down and a grocery store was built in its location! I would’ve loved to see these from my birth day!! I’m sentimental like that though!!

The calm before the excitement!

We are all waiting for you!!

Welcome to the world you precious baby girl!! I wanted to capture the smallest of details!! You learn quickly that no matter how much you plan, research, or get ready for your first newborn hospital photoshoot, the baby quickly decides how this is really going to go!! We didn’t get all of the photos we pinned on Pinterest lol and I didn’t share every photo we took here tonight! Some of those are perfect for just the family! Some intimate moments of mom and baby and mom, dad and baby!! Here are some photos of baby girl!

To the family, Congratulations on your absolutely precious baby girl!!! I am so blessed to be apart of this sweet girl’s life and yours!!!! Thank you for letting me be apart of these moments and being the one to capture it all!!


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