Newborn Photo Session

Remember the Fresh 48 Photo Session we shared a few weeks ago? Here are her Newborn Photos that I promised that we took a few days after!!

I couldn’t help but capture some dad && baby moments when we first got there before getting started! Checking the lighting and getting everything set up! Catching every moment!! I’m not sharing every photo, letting a few be left for just the family! But here are some of my favorites!!

She was so alert!!

I love this family!! While mama got baby girl ready, I snapped a few of big brother && dad fishing!! Can’t let the older siblings feel left out!!



Big Brother was soooo precious with her, he already adored her so much!

This was my FAVORITE photo!! Sister started crying and he looked at dad like ummm what am I supposed to do with this?!

I loved this one too! She had just finished giving the biggest smile in her sleep!! She was a little wiggle worm!! She didn’t want to be swaddled up and loved to wiggle around! She was such a little sweet heart!!

You can’t have a newborn session without at least one black and white photo!! Right?!

Just like the Fresh 48 Session! You learn quickly that no matter what ideas you had going into this, this precious little bay ran the show!! You learn to go with it! Capture HER moments, not your ideas! I love their tiny little details!! I cannot believe how fast they grow! So having these photos are so important to remember it all!!!

P.S. I’m taking her 3 month photos this weekend!! Yayyy!!

I hope you got a little inspiration from these!!


Until Next Time,


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