Reminiscing on Our Honeymoon

We started talking about wanting to go on another cruise and a vacation!! It brought up all sorts of memories from our Honeymoon &&&& then I realized we started talking about our Wedding and life before THE BLOG!! But I kind of just dropped it in the middle! I wasn’t confident enough when I started this to keep going, to get weekly posts out!! But like we said last week, I’m working on that!! So let’s catch back up on life BEFORE the blog!!

Check out the posts about our Engagement, my Bridal Showers, my Bachelorette Party, the Rehearsal Dinner, Our Wedding!!

I TOLD YOU!! We started it all and I left off one of the best parts!! Our HONEYMOON!!!!!! The cherry on top of it all!!

Isn’t my husband the BEST sport!?!? Wearing matching shirts with me!! lol I don’t think I could ever convince him to do that again! haha As you can see, we went on a Carnival Cruise!! We left for a week around Mexico, the morning after our wedding!! We got to bed around 3am and was back up at 4am to get on the road to make it to the ship on time!!

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First thing we did was grab drinks!!! I highly recommend to anyone going on a cruise, if you like to have a few fun drinks, it’s absolutely worth it to get the Drink Package!!

What’s a cruise photo look book without the famous towel animals!?! I had to throw that in real quick!! It was my favorite animal on the first night!!!

Our first full day it RAINED and STORMED!!! We had a balcony room so we ordered room service and drank mimosas and watched the fog!! That didn’t last long, wasn’t much to see! I love cruises because there’s SO MUCH TO DO!!!

As you can see, my hair didn’t hold up in all of the rain!! We tried our hand at the casino!! That didn’t last long either haha

Challenged my new husband to a game of ping pong! I don’t remember who won?! BUT I do remember playing Corn Hole and I TOTALLY won that one! lol Funny the things you remember almost 2 years later!! 😉

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Our first day at sea, being a rainy one, wasn’t anything crazy!! It was nice to just rest and relax after the craziness of our wedding though!! && as you can see, I totally took advantage of the free room service!!

The next morning we woke up to SUNSHINE && Pulling into Mexico!! This day we didn’t sign up for any excursions, there wasn’t anything that we were OVERLY excited to do! We definitely wanted to get a couples massage though and we were told the days we are at port are the best days because they have sales and no one is on the ship!! It was AMAZING!!!!

PLUS, when we booked our cruise we told them it was our honeymoon! So they gave us a bunch of gift cards for free and heavily discounted things, like a couples massage!!!

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Oh did I mention, it was also EASTER!!! Stalker selfie with the bunny!!

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My FAVORITE part was the shows at night!! We went to a comedy show before dinner every night and these incredible vegas like shows after dinner!!!

Captain’s Dinner was amazing too!! I loved getting to get all dressed up and go down the long parade of photographers on the way to dinner!!

The customer service you receive on a cruise is the best you’ll ever get!!! They spoil you rotten!!

We got assigned to a table with 4 other couples!! We ended up hanging out with them a lot during other parts of the cruise, such as at the comedy shows and the shows after dinner too!!

We got picked for the Newly Wed/Marriage Game!! They picked the newest newly weds!! The Middle Couple who made out the “best” (everyone cheered to vote) and then the longest married!!! There was another couple married the same day as us but we got married later in the night!! YESSS we won by just a few hours!!

The questions were hilarious and totally inappropriate lol but we walked away with a Trophy && Bottle of Champagne!!! YAAASSS!!!

Anyone that says cruises are boring or they don’t want to be stuck on a ship. THEY ARE CRAZY!!! There is literally something going on 24/7, MULTIPLE things going on 24/7!! You can always find SOMETHING fun!!! Including their deck party one night!!

I will sayyyyy though, working 16 days straight at work, going straight to our Rehearsal Dinner, to the wedding and only an hour sleep before going straight to the craziness of the honeymoon…my body CRASHED half way through the week!! && with the cruise having everything, they even took care of me!!! I slept for hoursssss after some meds && woke up ready to take on MEXICO!!!!

Our favorite excursion included Paddle Boarding!! We live on the beach and oh my goodness!! The water here was INCREDIBLE!!!!! You could see the bottom of the ship!!!! I was nice enough not to post the photos of us trying to stand up on the paddle boards!! I laughed so hard at my husband falling off one time that I almost fell off my board!!

&& then we went Snorkeling!! I was too scared to take my camera! You could see a hundred feet down to the bottom of the ocean but I didn’t want to chance dropping my camera and not getting that one back! We looked like total dorks!

This was DUMB on our end but Just in case you ever think it yourself on a cruise, DON’T do this!!! We ONLY took a little bit of cash with us one day in Mexico off of the ship because we went to an all exclusive resort!! We didn’t think we’d need any money and it was also the port with the best shopping! We were trying to be good and not waste money on random things! WELLLLL we decided to get a few things and forgot we left our cards on the ship and litterally got back on the bus to the ship with $2 on us!! I’m SO GLAD nothing went wrong because we would’ve been in BIG trouble!!! Buuuttt again, the beach was incredible!! We went total tourist with all of the photos!!

It was the BEST WEEK ever!! Now, after posting this, I want to go on another cruise so bad!!! Having unlimited food (thank goodness honeymoons are AFTER the wedding and I didn’t need to fit into a dress anymore ;)), endless entertainment, people making your bed every day, traveling the world!! Who wouldn’t want to go on a cruise!?!? Can we do another Honeymoon?!? Is that a thing?? It should be!!

Until next timeee,


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  1. OMG truth—after weeks of dieting & working out I just let GO on the honeymoon & there’s no way I would fit in my dress today, even though I’m living healthy. Haha!!! Love it—I went on a cruise to Mexico a couple years ago & had a great time.

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    1. I want to plan another cruise ASAP!!! It was so much fun!!!!

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