The Story Behind The Yellow Sailboat Boutique

We started a boutique!! YASSS!!! I’m so excited for what’s to come!! I have been very quiet about this specific topic though! But as the boutique starts getting out there more, people have been asking! What’s the Story Behind The Yellow Sailboat Boutique?!! Why that name?? I can’t talk about it without tearing up, so I’m going to share it with everyone at once behind a screen! lol

Two months ago I lost my person. My best friend, Macey, passed away suddenly.

Macey and I were inseparable, people made fun of how close we actually were. We had matching tattoos, the exact same car, we have charms on our James Avery bracelets of each others child’s monograms! Part of my daily life is missing now!

An opportunity came up to start a Boutique, with my mom, Barbie && our family friend Kris, and we jumped on it!! Thank ya’ll for letting me run with this! It’s been my happy and exciting thing to work on during this! It gave me a chance to honor my person for now and always!! We are going to make this BIG!

So where did the name come from?

Well, Macey and I got matching Sailboat Tattoos at my Bachelorette Party!!! For our FriendSHIP! 😂🤣 Perfect example of our friendship!!

&& Her favorite color is Yellow!! Ta-Da!!

The Yellow Sailboat Boutique!!

The logo was designed to match our tattoos too!

Even more so now, I have a piece of her with me every single day again.


Every Month Macey donated to St. Jude Children’s Hospital! It was our philanthropy in the sorority we met in! So it only seems fitting! Every month JBBM Marketing / The Yellow Sailboat Boutique is going to donate a portion of the sales to St. Jude!

Follow our Facebook Page to see the amazing items we get in!!



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