Housewarming Party 2019

We had our housewarming party this past weekend!! 🏡 We seriously cannot thank our family and friends that came enough!! The amount of love and support we received continue to blow us away!!!

I stopped multiple times during the party and had to remind myself that THIS was OUR home and OUR party!!! It was amazing!!

My SIL, The Bake Smith, made these Lemon Mint Cake and Cookies for us!

I have a SLIGHT obsessed with Rae Dunn!! So she made the cookies Rae Dunn Inspired!!

As a Sign In, I got this idea from baby/bridal showers, as new home owners, I asked for Home Owner Advice!! We got some funny advice!!

I’m all about the small details! I found these little sticks at Party City!!

My husband BBQ’d chicken and beef fajitas and sausage for all of us!! It was nice, we had appetizers set up inside and the men bbq’d outside while the little ones ran around!!

We kept it simple! My BIL makes my FAVORITE sweet tea, so he made us tea! I made a Mint Lemonade and we had a few sodas and got the kids lots of juice pouches!! We made it BYOB!! We received lots of bottles of wine and whiskey as gifts! Our friends are the BEST!! 😉 lol

My husband joked with me all day that he had to run a water park outside! With it being outside, I wanted the kids to stay cool and have some fun! We had a water slide, small pool, sprinkler, water table, and an on going bubble machine set up!! && LOTS of sunscreen!!

I have a wall in our living room that has photos of family and friends up there! It’s mostly my friends and my husband’s friends all made comments about how they weren’t on the wall! I told them it’s because they don’t ever take photos! So they insisted in getting a photo taken. One of their friends was running late to the party so {very obviously} we photoshopped him in! They are still messaging me today asking if they’ve made it on the wall yet! lol

We stayed up all. night. long. celebrating!! We played card games, say outside under the lights on the patio, talking about life, how we’ve gotten here, the old days, && more!!

Thank you AGAIN, so much everyone for your support!! It was the perfect kick off party to all of the memories we have to come in our new home!! Make sure you subscribe, so you don’t miss out on our other adventures!! We absolutely love our home!!

Want to see more details from our party??? Head over to our YOUTUBE page for the video!!! Link is below!!




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  1. Georgia King says:

    Love the pastries and the decor!

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