My Bucket List as of 2018!!

Day 8 of Blogtober was “Who is your favorite Youtuber?” I won’t lie, I don’t watch Youtube! Ahhh don’t shoot me!! But who is your favorite?? I’ll go check them out!!!

This worked out because I didn’t want to bombard you all with Blogtober Posts trying to catch up!! Since I don’t really have anything for Day 8, let’s dive STRAIGHT INTO DAYYYYYY 9!!! Caught up!!

Do you have a bucket list?

Yes, butttt it’s not anything spectacular compared to other’s I’ve seen so I’m a little embarrassed to share!!

What is a Bucket List exactly? According to Google, it’s “a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.”

Here is my CURRENT list:

  1. Go to New York during Christmas
  2. Go on a Cruise around Europe
  3. Visit Disney World && Harry Potter World
  4. Make a Difference in someone’s life!

lol see! It’s short, it’s from basic to an extreme! If I knew I was going to die tomorrow, I wouldn’t want to travel the world, go sky diving, or anything crazy! I would want to sit at home with my family and soak up every second! Stay up all night just hugging my child! I do want to travel with world, showing my daughter everything! My husband has talked about taking me on a crazy vacation to New York next year kid free and I said noooo I’d rather take my baby!! I had a child knowing EXACTLY what came with that!! NOW, don’t get me wrong! I am alllll for needing to spend time with just my husband, keep our relationship healthy!! I am not putting down vacations kid free! None of that!! I just want to clear that up!! We are planning an adult cruise with some of our best friends soon! Kid Free! But I want to create these memories and show her these things too as much as I can!! I didn’t travel and go places with my parents growing up, so I want that with my daughter! She’ll grow up and leave us and we will be able to go so many places kid free!! I want to do everything with her while I can!! If that makes better sense?!

I purposely put my Bucket List as of 2018 because as life has happened, my list has changed!! I used to have Graduate College, Get Married and pop out a baby! 😉 That happened quickly! I had start my own business on my list in the past! Did that too!! In a year or two, I’ll add have another baby to my Bucket List! 😉 I can’t wait to see what else I hope to do in life over time, as I grow and mature even more! As my priorities change!!

What is something on your Bucket List?


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  1. Girl, I ALSO want to go to Harry Potter World!


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