What’s YOUR Favorite Book?!

DAY SIX of BLOGTOBER!!!! Do you have a Book you can read again and again?

We are going to mix this up a little! I hope ya’ll don’t mind me taking this a little off the beaten path of the challenge!! I used to love reading! I was a book worm! Sitting down and reading a book a day!! Half way through college I stopped reading for fun and it became a hassle to keep up for school itself! I had lost my love of reading! I have tried here and there to start up again, reading a few chapters and then not touching the book again! It’s just collecting dust on the shelf!

In the past week I have become OBSESSED with Podcasts!! I know I am late to this!! I love the Parenting and Marriage ones so far! I don’t have any that I’ve stuck with yet, still listening to a mix to find the perfect one!! If you have a favorite PLEASEEE share with me!! I have found a few podcasts that reviews books and I’ve cheated and listened to a bunch of those! Catching up on books I’d love to read, just haven’t! I REALLY want to start getting into Audio Books! I spend so much time in my car, I’d get through a book in a few days!!

TODAY, instead of sharing my favorite book, I want to know what YOUR favorite book is and why??!! Give me a list of books && pod casts I should listen to!!!


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