The Story Behind An Old Photo

Day 5 of Blogtober: Share an old photo of you & the story behind it!

Here is the photo I chose:


It may be old and blurry and faded but it is one of my favorite photos of my childhood! It holds some of my very first memories growing up, it’s why I’m so close to my grandmother, it’s my favorite part of the season: snow, keeps the generations going, all of this and a million more things!!

I was about 5 years old in this photo! My grandmother and I would go on road trips to visit my great grandparents at their farm about 8 hours away! We would listen to cassette tapes of nursery rhymes and The Donut Man!! (Did any of you watch him??) My Great Grandfather had recently passed away and we put his hat on my snow man! I LOVED going up there when it had snowed! Chasing the bunnies through the snow and making Snow Men!!

One trip up there my grandmother and I got stuck in a blizzard blowing in! Again, this is farm land! NOTHING for MILES!!!! The snow had gotten so thick and coming down so fast that you couldn’t see anything through the window! We ended up hitting a snow bank and getting stuck in the middle of the blizzard! We had the lights on the car and my grand mother got out to see how big the snow bank was to see if we could get around it without getting off the road! While we were sitting there a herd of cows started coming over to huddle together in front of the car lights! Trying to stay warm out there! In that moment I became TERRIFIED of cows!! As a 5 year old seeing all of these cows with their eyes FROZEN open!! My grandmother attached one side of her purse strap to my belt loop and the other side to her! We were going to have to walk to the house! Luckily we were just down the road! I got all bundled up and we started walking! We got in the house with the power out! My great grandmother had blankets hanging in the door ways and the fire on in the living room to keep all of the heat in the living room! The next morning my grandmother went out to meet the tow truck and bring our bags in! She may have been gone for about 30 minutes but it felt like HOURS to me waiting by the window for her to get back! I couldn’t see her because of a line of trees between the house and the road! I was scared in my 5 year old mind that the cows were still out there and they had definitely gotten my grandmother!! It was yearssss before I was ok around a cow again! lol

I promise I’ll catch up and keep up with these challenges better!!


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