Let Things Go!! Anxiety Is Real!

10. TEN. DIEZ. Day ten of Blogtober: Share a Quote about Autumn!


Isn’t it crazy how a quote can just speak to you?! Like it’s weird! I typed in “Quotes about Autumn” on Pinterest, thinking I’d find something about Pumpkin Spice something! I’m obsessed btw, in case you hadn’t caught on to that in previous posts on Social Media!!! lol But then I saw this and I stopped!

I have been going through some “fun” stuff lately! I have recently been put on Anxiety Medicine! My emotions have been ALL OVER THE PLACE because of the adjustment! Hey, I’m here to be honest with ya’ll!! I’ve been holding onto some issues lately with people who have NO IDEA I even have issues! Little things upset my randomly! Little things hurt my feelings! I have even been doubting myself on this blogging and influencer life! (Maybe why I’ve gotten behind on this challenge!) Heck, my ONE YEAR Anniversary is THIS weekend!! I’ve been comparing myself to others WAY too much!! I’m sooo ready for this medicine to help me balance out!! This quote thoughhh!!!

I’ve been telling myself I need to find a way to snap out of this! Find a way to STOP feeling this way! I don’t want this to ruin my FAVORITE time of the year!! I’ve been looking forward to the holidays with my daughter this year sooooo bad! Last year she was a baby, just barely crawling around, sleeping through trick or treating!! I can’t wait to see her opening her own gifts and knowing more of what is going on!! I LOVE this quote because I need to let go! I need to let go of my self doubting, my sensitiveness, my comparing, all of it! I need to find a way to be bigger than this and rise above it!! Anxiety! Ha, gotta love it!

This daily challenge probably wasn’t meant to be so deep! But hey, I went there!! lol

What is your favorite Autumn Quote??



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