What is my {blogs} purpose?!

I have always had to have a million projects and activities going on at once! I am a busy body!! Before I had Penelope I was an Event Coordinator for an Arena and Theatre, getting to put on conventions for thousands to coordinating a Concert for huge artists! I was involved in multiple organizations and non profits! I loved being so active!! After I had Penelope I could not imagine going back to work! Thankfully my husband fully supported this and we were in the position to be able to have me stay home! Postpartum started kicking in and I went through this phase where I felt like I didn’t have a purpose anymore! All I was doing was waking up to feed a baby and change diapers! (Reminder, this was postpartum kicking in!!!) I wanted to find an outlet! I needed an outlet!!

Right around that time a company reached out to me on my personal Instagram asking if they could send an outfit to Penelope in exchange for photos! Shortly after I created her her own Instagram account!! We dived deep into the Brand Repping Community and have absolutely loved it all!! We have had so much fun with Brand Repping that I, myself have gotten into the Influencer side of it to help grow more, see where this exciting lifestyle could take us!! I am SOOO happy that I did!! I still needed something more though! That’s when I started Mama’s Cold Coffee Blog!! Ta Da!

As I started doing more and more with my blog, it helped me expand my horizons and start getting involved again! I have projects again!! Things to work for again!! I also wanted to feel like I had a purpose in life! That I could make a difference in someone else’s life! While I am apart of many organizations there is one that has stood out to me the most! New Life Refuge Ministries!! Their mission is to educate and bring an end to Child Sex Trafficking! I have decided to make this my platform for Mama’s Cold Coffee! Here shortly I will start writing articles about the organizations and pieces myself on Child Sex Trafficking and Human Trafficking; signs to look out for and ways to keep you and your littles safe! I already made an initial post here!

If you’ve been following us, you also know that my family has a family business! JBBM Marketing! I love being able to have another take on working with these businesses!! We get to sit down and get to know them more and write pieces here on Mama’s Cold Coffee about their business and their products on the family side of the market! We have written about Benefits of Attending Networking Events and just did a photoshoot with New York Life Insurance company!! I am in the process of writing up a post about getting life insurance for your little ones that can in turn be used towards their college fund when they get older!

I started this blogging challenge, since I am still pretty new to this, so you could get to know me a little better and build my confidence up in my writing some!! I hope you will follow me along on this journey!!!

Day 9 next!!!


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