I’ve Done Something!

This isn’t like my usual posts. This is a very real post. I contemplated even doing this; I’ve written bits of this over time and keep deleting it, but I feel like I have had sign after sign telling me to go for it! So here we are!

I’m going to skip around just a tiny bit, stick with me, it all comes together. I love watching Good Morning America, I followed the USA Olympic Scandal and my heart breaks for these girls. I have heard multiple times about how one of the girls said something 19 years ago and no one took her seriously or did anything. Imagine all of the girls that nothing would have happened to if they listened to her and did something!

A few weeks ago we made a post about #NationalWearBlueDay to bring awareness to Stop Human Trafficking. I started writing a blog post about signs of Human Trafficking that day to help bring awareness to my followers. I deleted it though, because it made me sick to my stomach reading stories and hearing the things that are happening to these kids and teenagers. I deleted it because it made me nervous, like putting a target on me for writing about it? I don’t know why, but I freaked out. I joined the Celebration of Courage Committee through the New Life Refugee this past year. They are an organization that builds houses for Human Trafficking Survivors. Being on the committee, I got to help put on this fundraiser and I’ve learned about the stats, the mission, and the survivors. It’s been on my mind so much lately, even having nightmares that something happens to my daughter. After some of my research I feel like I have been so paranoid out in public. I shouldn’t be scared, I should be proactive and do something!

Then, there is the #MeToo Movement that started. I never changed my status to #MeToo but, I could have. I have to say, I stopped typing this when I got to this part, because again, I’m scared to share. I’m scared of my family seeing this and finding out something has happened to me, that someone took advantage of me. It’s embarrassing and I still blame myself for putting myself in that situation. No matter how many times everything and everyone says it’s not my fault. I didn’t see the signs, I didn’t know any better, and I didn’t do anything after.

Hearing the stories in the news about the school shootings. I was in tears listening to their experiences. I cannot image my child being one of those children. I have friends that teach in daycares and private schools and hearing about them teach their students what to do in case of a stranger or shooter in the building is terrifying. These are little tiny kids who shouldn’t have to worry about these things!

I’ve seen other mothers share stories about how their children were [or almost were] abducted and signs to watch for. I shared a story about one on my Facebook page a few nights ago. It literally makes me sick to my stomach! I can’t sleep, this is consuming me, things in this world need to change, and something needs to be done!

After hearing a Guest Speaker at our event at the Celebration of Courage, hearing this Survivor’s story, it made me realize, I HAVE A VOICE. I cannot even image going through the things she and others have. I also cannot imagine my daughter ever having to endure these things! That’s another reason for this, my daughter! All of these things can be stopped, they can be avoided! All of these things need more awareness! If people knew the signs, if they were aware of the signs, maybe just maybe, it could save someone. If people would speak up more, maybe it could save someone.

I believe this is my purpose, my platform. To help bring awareness. I want to raise my daughter knowing the signs of all these issues! I want to do everything in my power to help make sure this doesn’t ever happen to her and I would love to help you make sure it never happens to yours! I want to raise my daughter knowing she has a voice too! That we don’t have to live in constant fear, be aware but not afraid! I only wonder how many others out there are too scared or embarrassed to speak up. I can only imagine the change they could make if they felt like they had a voice too! I will now do something. I will be sharing signs to watch out for. If you have a story, I’d love to help get the word out to help others. If you have an idea of something we can do together, I’m all ears!

Repeat after me:


No matter what it is you are passionate about, know you have a voice and you could help someone or even yourself by speaking up!

I’ve Done Something. I want to say “I’ve done something to save someone else” I want to encourage others to take part and DO SOMETHING to stop these terrible things from happening to our children! This is for the safety of our children. I want you to be able to say, “I’ve done something” I don’t want to hear anymore of the “I wish, I hope, I didn’t, Someone should”. We all keep saying something needs to be done,


Be able to say I’ve ACTUALLY done something!!

Do Something by Matthew West I highly recommend listening to this song!

Until later,



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