Mama & Baby’s Favorite Netflix Shows

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I have a love/hate relationship with Netflix!! I mean it’s more love than hate, I watch it every. single. day! I watch it at night and leave one of my favorite shows on in the background while I get work done! After Penelope is asleep for the night, that’s when I get to sit down and write and get everything done! There is just something about the silence being creepy at night!! Plus it helps keep me awake and gives me a mental break here and there!! I hate it because they keep removing my favorite shows and movies! Don’t get attached to anything because it’ll be gone before you know it! I also wish they had more current movies on there!! BUT, off of that!!

Here are some of my favorite shows to watch on Netflix!!

Grey’s Anatomy


The Fosters

Gilmore Girls

The Office

Jane the Virgin

I’ve also seen shows like 13 Reasons Why, Fuller House, Baby Daddy, Young & Hungry, Gossip Girl, and New Girl! I LOVED How I Met Your Mother but that is one of the shows they removed!! We got Hulu just because of that show being on there!! It’s our favorite!! If you’ve seen it, remember the Blitz? This guy ALWAYS missed something cool that happened wherever they were and they called him the Blitz! We named our dog Blitzy after it!!

Penelope’s Favorites: 

Finding Dory



Word Party

I LOVE that they add the new Disney movies as they come out!! We love Disney so much and have seen almost all of those!


What are some of your favorite shows to watch on Netflix? I am always looking for something new!! I just don’t like scary or suspenseful shows!!


Day 8 is Next!!




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