Busy Mom’s Cleaning Schedule

The biggest thing I was always OCD about was keeping things extremely organized and clean…and then I had a baby!! Now that Penelope Grace and I are getting our schedule down together, my goal this year is to get back to a very organized and clean life! Be on the look out for many posts like these coming!!

I looked up multiple cleaning schedules on Pinterest and I just couldn’t find one that was realistic to my new lifestyle, a very busy one that requires multiple stops in between each chore! I used to just spend a whole day spot cleaning EVERYTHING! BUT, who really has time to work all day, come home, cook dinner, do homework/extra curricular activities with kids, AND keep a clean home. Not to mention having any type of social life!!

So I decided to create one and share it with other mama’s! Let’s be real together!! I’ve attached a PDF Downloadable image of it for you to print and use below!

Weekly Schedule Planner

Pink Stripes Weekly Schedule Planner

This is how it works: Do a general clean up of one room a day, so that you can spread it throughout the week, you have your daily and as needed items too! These are general points not to forget to do. I give Friday-Sunday to get your outdoor items taken care of and catch up on anything you may have missed due to other obligations during the week! Then, you have one big project a month that can be taken care of at any time that month! Note: I didn’t put make beds, I’m just being real! This isn’t something I get to everyday!! But feel free to add that and others on the extra to do!!

Some of these may seem like silly reminders;

Clean under couch: I mean by that, pick up any toys or something that could have been kicked under! You can do a vacuum and everything as you feel needed or when you Shampoo the carpets in March!

Replace the towels: You can do this more often if you feel the need, we do! I just use this as a reminder to have fresh towels each week!

Put any clothes away: I’ll totally admit to having that “clothes pile on a chair” problem! DON’T YOU DARE JUDGE!! YOU KNOW YOU DO IT TOO!!! Not everything is dirty after wearing it once, so I don’t put it in the dirty clothes hamper but I’m too lazy to go hang it back up!

Use this guide as you see fit!!

I found this image below on Pinterest and thought it was absolutely perfect and had to share it for our entertainment!



We will also be sharing some fun chores that littles one can help with too! What are some tips you have to keep a clean home with a busy schedule? What chores do your little ones do? We may feature it in our blog post!!



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  1. hollyjohnsen says:

    We are such similar people! Lists and schedules make my little heart happy. Great idea. XOXO.


    1. Thank you so much!!

      Liked by 1 person

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