Kid Friendly New Years Eve

If anyone knows me, you KNOW I love glitter && sparkles!! So naturally New Years Eve is an absolute favorite of mine!! Every year we’ve always done something different to celebrate; but I have to say hands down that this has been my favorite New Years! I wasn’t sure how it’d be having a baby this year but my sister in law threw the best kid friendly party!!

We came over early to help decorate && set up the balloon drop! It took us way longer than I’d like to admit for us to set that up! 🤦🏽‍♀️

We tied string to the ends of the plastic table cloth and then hooked the string on small Command hooks on the wall and filled it with balloons! We had a string attached to the corners and had the guys on the ends pull them down!

We had the guys BBQ ribs and jalapeño poppers! We had finger foods for everyone! From pin wheels to cupcakes to mozzarella rolled in pepperoni!

We spread the activities throughout the whole evening to keep the excitement up! We built a fire outside as the cold front blew in and everyone played with sparklers! I was having too much fun playing with the settings on my camera with this!! We made root beer floats and had card games and Guesstures! We had the New Years Eve Special on the tv all night counting down to the different time zones!! We finally did our balloon drop and the kids had an absolute blast with it!!!

As soon as the last balloon fell the guys were hiding confetti poppers and popped those!!!

It was the coolest!! I felt so bad for my sister in law with all of that confetti everywhere!!! 😱 But it made the whole feel of the night perfect! The kids still haven’t stopped talking about it!! We got little poppers for them && light up balloons!

After a little more snacking && sparklers && photos with our props, we started counting down to midnight!! We should’ve known there were more surprise confetti poppers!!

We had our black eyed peas too!! We want that good luck this year!! We even cut one in half and gave Penelope Grace a bite!

We had some small little “fireworks” for the kids to do in the backyard && then had a big “clean up” party! Lol because here was our party aftermath:

We turned the fan on and a whole bunch of confetti fell from the top of it after we had just swept! 😂

The kids fell asleep and the adults stayed up playing games! We had too much adrenaline from all of the excitement of the day! We had a big sleep over so no one was out driving with the crazies!

When we woke up this morning we made breakfast && have been watching movies && playing games! We planned on getting up and going home but we are loving the family time and starting our year off together!! I think this may have to be our new tradition!!! We are so ready for 2018 to see what it will bring!!

You know I need my coffee!! 😜

We loved all of the kid friendly things we did but would love to hear some of the New Years Eve things you do with your little ones for us to try next year!!!


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