Prepare for Hurricane Season

Hurricane Season started today! It’s from June 1st to November 30th. Two years ago our city was hit by Hurricane Harvey and I will forever take Hurricane Preparedness seriously from here on out! You never think it’ll happen to you so you don’t prepare and that’s when you are scrambling last minute with a Hurricane headed straight for you! I have created some points of things to consider when preparing for this Hurricane Season!

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Make/Restock your Emergency Preparedness Kit if a smaller hurricane or tropical storm is heading your way and you consider riding it out- Here are some things to consider adding to your kit: Generator, Bottles of Water, Non Perishable Goods, Gallons of water for baths or other things, Flashlight, Batteries, Wireless Chargers (Make sure to keep these charged up!), Whistle to call for help, First Aid Kit, Radio, and Walkie Talkies.

Discuss an Evacuation Route and Plan! If the time comes that you need to Evacuate, you will not have time to sit down and discuss all of the different options and places you could go or where you could stay! The longer you wait, the worse traffic gets.

Get hurricane shutters installed on your home. Be prepared! If you can’t get shutters, consider going ahead and purchasing the plywood and cutting them to measure your windows and doors. Makes it easier when you are rushing to protect your home and loved ones! Plus it sells out quickly depending on your area when a hurricane is heading towards you.

Make sure you have flood insurance on your home. Home insurance won’t cover it all. Don’t wait until the last minute either to get it! It doesn’t kick in immediately and companies won’t cover you when a hurricane is already headed towards you!

Create a bin that is quick to grab that has Important Documents such as Birth Certificates, Social Security Cards, Insurance Info and others! This is great to have ready year round! You never know when you may need to grab your important items in a hurry and get out! It wouldn’t hurt to put some emergency cash in this bin either!

Discuss your plans with a neighbor! Communities need to stick together during these times! Knowing if your neighbors stayed through a storm and having someone to check in on you too is just smart!

Don’t wait until something is heading your way to start preparing! It turns into a mad house and there is a high chance that you won’t be able to get the items you need in time! Remember it’s better to be SAFE than SORRY!

Stay safe this Hurricane Season!!!

Until next time,



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