Crockpot Salsa Chicken

This is literally our FAVORITE meal ever!
​It’s ONLY 4 ingredients and the crockpot does all of the work!!
We just got our first cold front of the season so I thought a crock pot meal was necessary!!
I promise this is easy! It took more work to write this post than actually make it!! 😉
​This recipe will serve 4-6 people!


All you need is Boneless Chicken Breasts, Salsa, and Taco Seasoning! You can see our favorite brands to use for this recipe in the photo above!! We also love using Crockpot Liners so that clean up is SO easy too!! Just throw the liner away! We got our liners at Bed Bath & Beyond!! (<-link to liners)

Step 1: Line the bottom layer of crockpot with Boneless Chicken Breast!

We used 6 Chicken Breasts so we have left overs for lunch tomorrow!

Step 2: Sprinkle the desired amount of McCormick Taco Seasoning on top of the Chicken

I only use about half of a package!
I’ve also used Fajita Seasoning before which is just as amazing!!


Step 3: Pour the entire regular sized jar of Pace Salsa && spread it out!


Step 4: Cover && Set Crockpot on High for 2 hours or Low for 4 hours!

Step 5: Shred the Chicken in the crockpot and stir! Helps absorb more of the salsa!!

Sprinkle some Kraft Mexican Cheese on top  && Serve!!

We like it with a side of Corn, Rice && Tortillas! Make some Tacos out of it && add some sour cream and lettuce!


SEE I told you this was easy!! I hope ya’ll enjoy!

If you’d ever love to share YOUR favorite recipe on our Blog, just message me on Instagram!!!


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  1. I’ve never shredded ours before but I plan on doing it this week and doing a pulled chicken sandwich for dinner! This meal is easy and amazingly delicious! 😋

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    1. Omg making them as sandwiches is a good idea!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They’re sooooo good! Def do it!

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