Unicorn Birthday Party!!

My niece turned 8 a few months ago and her mom, my SIL, threw her in INCREDIBLE Unicorn Party!! Everything from Pony Rides to a Unicorn Piñata!!

Here are some of the Decorations!! If you are looking to throw your own Unicorn Party, I hope you get some inspiration below!! We spent the day before hanging allll of the streamers up!! It was totally worth it!!!

Yes, we even put a few streamers in the trees outside!!! She went all out for this party!! I still cannot get over it even a few months later!! It was a Pinterest Perfect Party!!!!

The kids had Pin the Horn on the Unicorn to play!!! They won gift cards to a local Jumping place!!

OK for the BEST PART!!! Check out this Unicorn Cake my SIL made!!!! Yes I took a milliton  photos of it because that’s how obsessed with it I was!!! The details were amazing!!!

The Horn and the Ears are Chocolate Cookies!! YUMMM!!!

Now for the Unicorn Pretzels!!! We shared how to make these HERE!!! It was like the most delicious Twix Bar!!!

She made Chocolate Unicorn Royal Icing Cookies too!!! She had us all on a sugar high!!

The Gift Bags had a few little items such as Unicorn Pencils and Unicorn Slime! But they used these too to put their candy in from the piñata!!

More Decorations!! I told you she went all out!! Here was the backdrop for the photo booth and opening gifts!!

The adorable Birthday Girl!!!! I loved her outfit too!! She got that on Amazon!!!

The kids loved the Petting Zoo!!

However, Penelope was not a fan of the Pony Ride!

We had so much fun!! && Went home with too much candy!!!

Are you planning or have you thrown a Unicorn Party?? I’d love to see pictures of what you did to celebrate!!! These parties are too much fun!!!

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