Unicorn Horn Pretzel Rods

This past weekend we celebrated my niece’s 8th Birthday!! My SIL and I made her these AHHHMazing Unicorn Horn Pretzels!! They were a HUGE hit with the kids (obviously) &&& the adults!! One mom said they tasted like Twix BUT better!! Here is how to make your own Unicorn Horn Pretzel Rods!!

Ingredients Needed:

  • Pretzel Rods (Not Sticks)
  • Milk Carmel’s
  • White Chocolate
  • Sprinkles
  • Edible Glitter (Optional)

Get a Cookie Sheet and lay a sheet of Parchment Paper on it.

Unwrap the Carmel squares and put in a microwave safe cup.

You want to Soften the Carmel but not melt it!! Put in the microwave for 15 seconds.

Roll a square of Carmel out into a long roll


Twist the roll of Carmel around the pretzel rod. This is what helps it look like a Unicorn Horn!!

Go ahead and do this to all of the pretzels!!

Melt the chocolate when you are done! (See the wrapping for directions, each brand is a little different!) Try to melt the chocolate in your skinniest, tallest cup! It’ll make it easier to dip the rods in!

Dip the pretzel with Carmel into the chocolate! Use a spoon to help pour the chocolate around the top of the Carmel if your cup wasn’t tall enough!

Lay down on the parchment paper, leave enough room between so the chocolate doesn’t run together!

Immediately pour the sprinkles and edible glitter on them! You want the chocolate still soft and wet so it all sticks! You have to work quickly during this part! Put the chocolate back in the microwave for 15 seconds if you need to keep the chocolate soft! Just make sure NOT to add any water to the chocolate!!!! After you finish all of them, put them in the fridge for at least 2 hours to let everything fully set and harden!!

TA DA!!! Unicorn Horn Pretzel Rods!!!

You can see the glitter here!! It’s so magical!!

Want to see more details from this party?! We have a whole post about it here!! (Coming later today!!)

I hope you love these as much as we did!!!

Until the next party,



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