Favorite Memory of the Year

2017 has been the biggest rollercoaster of a year that I’ve ever had! I celebrated my first wedding anniversary, had a baby, found out my grandmothers cancer returned, quit my job, started a family business, started this blog, experiencing first after first with our baby girl! It’s been a year I will never forget!! I don’t do resolutions, never really have, but I would love to reminisce back to my favorite memory of the year: Getting Penelope Grace into this world!! She has become my whole world, it’s unbelievable how many lives this 9 month old has touched && how many photos that have been taken of her 😜

It has been so much fun watching her grow and seeing the personality that is starting to show!! There isn’t just one moment that’s my favorite so tomorrow I will share about my 39 weeks of pregnancy! Since this blog was started a little into her life, let’s play catch up!! Every Thursday we will do a little throw back post!! It’ll be fun, I promise!

What was your favorite memory of 2017??


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