Things To Do While Children Are At School

As a mom with a child starting Kindergarten this year, I had bittersweet feelings about it! I’m sad that it’s come so quickly, I’m going to miss her; with the state of the world, I’m going to worry about her! However, I am excited for all of the memories and friends she’s going to make, everything she’s going to learn! && I am excited to get some ‘ME’ time again! I will admit, I have put 99% of myself into being ‘MOM’, that 1%, I’d find hobbies and part time jobs from home to not loose myself completely. But even then, no job was ever completed in one sitting because a little one always needed a bit of attention. I have left one of those part time jobs, dropped my daughter off at school, and I’m ready to put focus back on me! I need to find myself again! I need to invest and focus on me, instead of helping other’s grow themselves and businesses! I’m excited for what’s to come for Mama’s Cold Coffee and for ME! Let’s jump back into this!! It’s been a few months since I’ve written a post!

If you’re like me, and while we all have a never ending to do list we’d love to accomplish when the kids are back to school, here are some fun ideas to help you find YOU again in between that!

Find a Hobby! Crafting, Photography, Writing! Take a class to learn something new! While you have quiet time, while you don’t have little ones to keep up with and mess with things, find a hobby that makes you happy, relieves some stress! That’s why I’m here writing with little to no distractions! Came to a coffee shop, listening to music, finding my happy place!

Get Outside! Go on a hike, sit at the beach/lake/pool. The outdoors will improve your sleep, lessen your anxiety, helps you get vitamin d, improves your immune system, the list goes on and on!

Read a book, escape reality, learn something new.

Go shopping, retail therapy!

Have lunch with a friend or family member! I made weekly lunch plans with my sister! I can’t wait!

Go workout, join a gym, attend a workout class, maybe even yoga!

Put together puzzles or color an adult coloring book!

Find a part time job that is super fun!

Take a bath! Or a long shower, with no kid toys and no one knocking on the door asking you to open their snacks! Then take a nap!

Volunteer with a non profit that means something to you!

I know we all have cleaning, never ending laundry, errands, appointments, as I’ve said, the list goes on and on! But that’s my point to this, find at least one moment a day that focuses on YOU! You’ve worked hard these past few years helping your little one prepare for this time. You’ve sacrificed and given up so much, it’s your time again! Maybe not 100%, but find a little YOU again! It’ll be good for you and your family!

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