Mother’s Day Questionnaire for Kids

Every year on my daughter’s birthday I ask her a set list of questions! It’s so fun to compare each year of what her favorite’s were! I thought it would be so fun to start this for Mother’s Day! Call it a boost to my mom ego 😉 lol but it could be fun to learn and remember the precious things your kids say and think about you and ya’lls relationship!! Here are a list of questions to pick from to ask your little ones! Write them down and put them in their baby books or something to save for later in life! Or just ask them over Mother’s Day Brunch or Dinner! Fun conversation starters!!

Child’s Age:

My mom’s name is:

My mom and I like to:

My mom always says:

Her favorite food is:

and her favorite drink is:

My mom’s job is:

My mom laughs at:

Her favorite store is:

The coolest thing she can do is:

Her favorite color is:

If my mom became famous, it would be for:

Her favorite tv show/movie is:

She really loves:

My mom is really good at:

My mom cooks the best:

My mom makes me happy when:

If I could go anywhere in the world with my mom, we would go to:

My mom likes to wear:

She always tells me:

My mom loves me because:

She makes me feel special when:

My favorite memory with my mom is:

I love my mom because:

I hope you have fun asking your kids these questions!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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