Everyday Tricks to Start Saving Money

I am a start small and build up type of person! There is a trip I have been longing to take for years but I always make excuses, money being the biggest one of them all! We have decided this year, we are going to make the trip! No more excuses!! I am wanting to start saving our money up! What is something you’d love to save your money up for? A trip? A project for your home? A new car? Work on building your savings up? Whatever YOUR reason for saving is, let’s jump into some ways you can save easier!

This is not a sponsored post for any apps or classes to take! These are just little steps you can make in your daily life to save! A starting point! A way to start better habits!

I share what my dream trip is at the end of this!! 🙂

Un Save your Credit Card Number on your Devices

Don’t lie, if you have to get up and get your credit card from your purse, you are less tempted to buy something, you’ll “get it later”. lol Un save your cards on your devices so you don’t purchase things so easily and quickly! If you have your card number memorized, I’m impressed lol, but that’s part of our problem!

If Online Shopping, Wait 24 Hours Before Purchasing

This helps you figure out if this was an impulse buy or not. Are you buying it because you just saw someone else with it so you wanted it? Are you buying it out of connivence? Because it was on Sale? Wait and if you still HAVE TO HAVE it 24 Hours later, then go for it! For big priced items, wait 30 days and see if you still have to have it! Make sure it doesn’t go on sale, or you find a better deal somewhere else!

Play ‘Which Would You Choose’

When you are out shopping and you find something you want, say it’s a shirt for $25, hold it up and ask yourself, if someone was holding the shirt in one hand and $25 cash in the other and they asked you, “which would you choose”; would you pick the cash or the item? If you would take the cash, you don’t really want that shirt/item. Put it down and save your money.

Unsubscribe from Emails from your Favorite Stores

If you get an email saying x% off, B1G1, etc, you are more tempted to go to the site and shop! Unsubscribe and save your money!

Create Wishlists

Do you have a Birthday coming up? Make a wishlist, save your WANT items to that list! Maybe a friend or family member will get it for you!

Put 10% of your Total Purchase into Savings

If you spend $100 on fun stuff, put $10 into your savings account. This will help you build up your savings little by little.

Make a List when going Shopping

AND STICK TO THAT LIST!! When walking through the store and you pick up a little something here and there, it adds up quickly! Work on being strict with yourself for awhile!

Make your Passwords Little Reminders

If you are saving up for something, change your passwords to a reminder of why you are working to save! It’ll be a daily reminder to keep working for that goal! Password: NewCar2021! (Not my password lol just an example!) It’ll help you from online shopping! 😉

How Many Hours will that Cost You?

Instead of thinking, oh this is only $20, think this is worth x amount of hours at work! It’ll help you see your budget differently! Is this item worth 5 hours of my work day?

Make Challenges for Yourself

Depending on your spending habits, give yourself a challenge. Have no spend days! Do you “bored” shop on Thursdays? No shopping Thursdays! Go a whole week without buying anything non essential! Skip Target, Starbucks, all of that for one whole week! Only bills and groceries from your list! If that’s easy, bump it up, can you go a whole month?

Be Careful with Sales

I’ve been there way too many times, buying something because it’s on sale! This shirt is only $4!! NEED IT!! But do I? When you find something on sale, ask yourself if you would buy it for full price, if you wouldn’t, you don’t need it. Watch out with Coupons too! Sometimes those name brand items are on sale, but even with the coupon, it’s still more expensive than the store brand that works just the same!

What are you wanting to save up money for? Share with us in the comments below!! We’d love to help cheer you on!!

I’m wanting to travel to New York at Christmas Time!!

Good Luck!!

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