20 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Kids and the Family

Are you excited for 2021?! I have never been huge on resolutions, I feel like it depends on the year! Some years I make them and stick to them, some years I make them and don’t stick to them, and some years I’m a brat and say I’m not going to make one because I won’t stick to it! lol Way to have faith in myself!! This year I plan on making some! I haven’t officially decided on them yet! I plan on explaining these to Penelope, our 3 year old, this year! I’ll explain it to her as her wishes for the new year! Things she wants to do, things she wants to stop doing, and things she’d love to learn! Here are some fun ideas you can share with your little ones if they are stumped and want help with their wishes/resolutions! These are for kids of all ages!! Perfect for the whole family to make together!

  • We will Read one book every night
  • We will Eat one meal a day together
  • We will spend more time playing outside
  • I will help clean up more
  • I will try new foods
  • I will get good grades at school
  • We will start a family game/movie/craft/sport night
  • I will help mom and dad cook dinner
  • I will teach my siblings something new
  • We will save money together to go on a family vacation
  • We will say one good thing that happened to us that day every day
  • I will make a new friend at school
  • We will pray together
  • We will work on being more eco friendly
  • I will learn a new hobby! (A Craft, Sport, etc)
  • I will be the nice kid to everyone at school
  • We will praise each other more for good actions
  • We will volunteer together for a Non Profit
  • We will learn a new language together
  • We will plant a garden

I love including the kids in these because it helps them learn about setting goals for themselves! It helps them create behaviors you want to become habits! This helps the family work together as a team! Keep the resolutions positive, things we want to work on!

Share in the comments below what some of your family resolutions are!!

Happy New Year!

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