2020 Halloween Celebration Ideas!

This blog post was originally posted 2 years ago! It’s crazy to see how much has changed since then! I’m re sharing it though because it is full of fun ideas that would be perfect to safely celebrate Halloween this year too with Covid precautions! Whether it’s with just your littles or with your “quaren-team”!

Penelope’s Godmother and I love to plan fun themed nights for our littles! We had planned to take them to this Pumpkin Patch and Corn Field Maze but they postponed their opening weekend because of all of the rain we’ve received!! We decided to have a Halloween Movie Marathon Night instead!!! Took Penelope over in her Halloween PJs && we were ready to go!!!


Rebekah is incredible and had goodies for everyone when we got there!! Adorable glasses for the kids from Target, Light Up Necklaces and all!!


We made these Vampire Drinks with Sprite and a splash of Cherry Kool-Aid Liquid Drink Mix from the little Squirt Bottle! Add a Pair of the Vampire Teeth and you’re set!! SUPER EASY!! Us mom’s used Champagne and a splash of the Cherry Mix!! Made that fun!!!


We watched Hotel Transylvania 3 && Halloweentown!!


She also made this adorable 6 Layer Jack O Lantern Dip!!

Layer 1. Refried Beans

Layer 2. Guacamole

Layer 3. Sour Cream

Layer 4. Salsa

Layer 5. Cheddar Cheese

Layer 6. Jack O Lantern Face Made out of Black Olives!

Put in the Fridge for a few minutes and serve!! She used these Blue Corn Chips by Simply Balanced because they look kind of black and made the look more spooky!!!


Our Tradition for years now has been to order these Jack O Lantern Pizza’s from Papa Murphy’s too!! They are so fun!!!


My SIL made these incredible Cookies with Mama’s Cold Coffee Blog logo on them to help us celebrate our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY yesterday too!! They were Pumpkin Spice Flavored!!! We had these for dessert!! Check out her Instagram!!!


Here are our littles being absolutely adorable eating their pizza on the Air Mattress in the Living room and then laying down watching Halloween movies!!! Excuse the confetti!! I gave them a balloon with streamers and they went to townnnn with them!! lol


I will have another post full of more ideas to celebrate this year! Covid has cancelled so much for us this year! I want to find all of the ways to still celebrate safely!! What are ya’lls plans this Halloween?!

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