Awaiting Kennedy Jean: Maternity Photos

Our Due Date was July 7th so we scheduled our Maternity Photos at 37 weeks because we were told I would probably be induced at 39 weeks! Throughout my pregnancy I started having health problems and became high risk! We moved our maternity photos up to 33 weeks just in case! We got our photos taken by the incredible Jennifer Stewart Photography!! 2 days later I ended up in the ER and then admitted into the hospital! We delivered Kennedy Jean at 35 weeks! She was born at 1:18pm and around 4pm that day I received our maternity photos back! 😂 Here they are ->

I had no idea these would be some of our last moments of a family of 3 together! 😭 (Man, these postpartum hormones) I am so thankful we captured these moments so I can cherish them forever!! 🥰😭

We are loving our little family of four! I can’t wait to share Kennedy’s Newborn Photos with y’all!!

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