10 Unique Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolutions

Feel in a rut trying to come up with some New Year’s Resolutions? One’s you’ll actually stick to?! Here are 10 Unique Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolutions!! You’ll have fun with these!!

  1. Get your photo taken in 5 new fun places!
  2. Break a record!
  3. Learn something you wanted to as a child!
  4. Throw a dart on the map and go there!
  5. Invent and host a yearly event!
  6. Send a letter to someone each week by mail!
  7. Find a shared hobby with your spouse!
  8. Try a new recipe once a month!
  9. Buy yourself fresh flowers every month!
  10. Go have brunch with a friend every Sunday!

Did you know The Top 5 Resolutions Made are:

  1. Go on a diet
  2. Eat healthier
  3. Lose weight
  4. Save more, spend less
  5. Learn a new skill/hobby

Are you making any new resolutions for the year?!

I AM!! I am going to be back to MAMA’S COLD COFFEE!!! Yep!! I have been in the works to get back to Mama’s Cold Coffee WAY MORE!! Get ready for some fun!!! Way more blog posts coming! We are going to get SUPER active in 2020!! I PROMISE!!

Until then, I hope everyone stays safe tonight celebrating &&& has a Very Happy New Year!!!


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