Penelope as Amelia Earhart for Halloween

Let them watch you soar girl!!

I couldn’t wait any longer!!! I know it’s early!! 😍 BUT Penelope is going to be Amelia Earhart for Halloween!! This girl LOVES planes!!! Her love runs deep!! Lots of family connections to this!!! I cannot thank Anne, our family friend, ENOUGH for these photos! For capturing these so perfectly!!! You have no idea how many people you’ve touched with these!!

Penelope, I hope you fly over oceans! Follow your dreams! Crush barriers! Set records! Be YOU!! && love every adventure life takes you on!! I love you my sweet girl!!

I couldn’t help it! I wanted to share them all!! The sweet smiles and all the sassy ones too!!! lol

See, she’s Amelia’s Mini! 😉

My Great Great Grandfather! I told you, it runs deep!! That’s just the beginning!! These photos were taken on the airfield base where my dad is the Airfield Manager! Where he retired from the Navy as an Air Traffic Controller! When we noticed Penelope loved Planes I couldn’t help but rush to Amelia Earhart as her costume! I have written a number of papers on her! I’ve always been amazed by her story!! I’ve always loved vintage planes! At Penelope’s age, I got so excited about seeing planes too!!

Don’t you love when your littles love the same things you did when younger?


What are your littles going to be for Halloween??


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