While You Are Away

My little wedding date!!

We attended a gorgeous wedding this past weekend && we were missing my husband because of work!! He was on a similar job a few weeks ago that lasted 3 weeks! He came home for a week and then left for another 3+ week job! He’s incredible! He’s a hard working man! But we miss him!! There’s a lot of give and take to this type of work life!! lol I’m sharing something below that I wrote while he was away on the last job! I wasn’t going to actually share this but 🤷‍♀️ idk here we are! …..

I throw an empty water bottle in the trash that is on the counter literalllyyyy right next to the trash can, I walk past your random one sock on the living room floor rolling my eyes as I yell across the house for you and our 2 year old to stop being so loud! Our daughter has the highest squeal, one almost only dogs can hear, when she’s playing with my husband! 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

The phone rings, you just got called out on another job, out of town, for at least 3 weeks, probably longer…

As you pack your bags I sit there watching and start taking back every complaint I just made! Thinking about how things are going to be While You Are Away

The next few weeks are going to be quiet around here! Don’t get me wrong, I play with our daughter, she laughs at shows, and playing on her own, but only dad can get that full out louddd belly laugh going!!

Every sock, water bottle, item you’ve touched will be a reminder of you being here, your presence here, living here! We are going to miss you being HERE! Our home will be cleaner 😉 but we will feel your absence!

Speaking of feeling that absence, buttons are going to be pushed! Our daughter, without fail, always starts to act out a little extra when you’re gone! So I guess I should say extra prayers will be made! Lol extra patience will be needed!

There are going to be extra cups of coffee made! Sleepless nights, changing every diaper, kissing every boo boo, watching every Disney Movie, on repeat! Alone. Wishing you were here to help but immediately thanking you for working so hard for us so I can be the one here doing it all!

Making sure my phone is charged and on loud so we don’t miss a single call or FaceTime!! We miss your face!

I’m going to have to explain to all of our friends and family why you’re not with us at another function! Thankfully, we are surrounded by loved ones that care for us and want to help! But it’s not the same without my person there! Or we just don’t get to go! Others are doing their family thing.

My heart is going to break every. single. time. our daughter asks “Where’s dada?” “See dada please!”

I’m going to be taking photos of every little thing she does to send to you because I know you’ll be missing her too. Missing new things she learns. Miss her sweet little voice. She’s growing so fast!

It’s so easy to get caught up in the nit picky details of life but then I step back and realize how full my heart is when he’s home! I miss The noise! The mess! All of it!

We miss you being here! BUT THANK YOU for all you do!!

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