Halloween Night Safety Tips

I cannot wait to take our 2 year old Trick Or Treating this year! One of the very last houses we went to last year, she FINALLY went up to a house and said Trick Or Treat! She was so shy! We’ve been having her practice saying it the past week with a bag to get treats so she’s prepared this year! lol With all of this excitement and commotion going on Halloween night, we want to make sure everyone is staying safe on Halloween and that everyone is prepared!! Today we are sharing Halloween Night Safety Tips!

As you know, I’m alllll about family safety!!! A 2012 State Farm study found that children are twice as likely to die on Halloween than any other day of the year in pedestrian accidents. Human Trafficking Targets increase during the holidays too and Halloween kicks that off for them. Don’t put your guard down. ANYONE could be a predator!

To help our family feel at ease in these moments, we use this tracking device called Jiobit! This kid tracker gives you accurate and real time alerts about your child’s location no matter where they are! You can set Trusted Places, such as school, church, grandparent’s house, etc. and be alerted when they leave that location! You can set temporary “fences”, such as on Halloween Night around your neighborhood, and it will alert you when they leave that area! It’s a small device that a kidnapper wouldn’t see immediately! Helping keep your child safer longer, so you can find them faster! Here is a visual to show you the size!

It just hooks onto their clothes or shoes! You can see Penelope’s on her skirt! (Below) I normally hide it more, but wanted you to see how little it was!! I do NOT get any commission from promoting this, we’ve been using this device ourselves for the past year! She wears it everyday!! It’s perfect when we go to crowded places, especially now that she wants to walk everywhere and be more independent! It’s not that I don’t watch Penelope like a Hawk! I’m a proud Helicopter Mom! hahah However, I do highly recommend this product to ALL families!! It gives Peace of Mind! Check out their website for more information HERE!! But come back for MORE Safety Tips Below!!! 



Here are some more safety tips to keep in mind:

  • I recommend going WITH your children to Trick or Treat, however if they are old enough to go with a group of friends in a neighborhood you trust, make sure they know to NEVER go into a stranger’s home or get into a stranger’s car! (They say children under 12 should be supervised by an adult)
  • If they do go alone, make sure they know to check in often! People who are up to no good know kids are out on the streets!
  • Tell your kids not to take back alleys or cut through fields. If no sidewalk, walk facing traffic. Before crossing the street, look both ways!!! Don’t run across drive ways, someone might be backing up. If walking behind a car, have your child raise and wave their hand, it helps them be seen!
  • If you are still trick or treating after the sun has gone down, give the kids Glow Sticks or flash lights! Help them be seen!!
  • Check online for the location of sex offenders in your area before going out. Obviously, skip their houses!
  • Don’t go up to houses when their porch light is off. Pay attention to any signs up, such as Don’t Ring Doorbell or Beware of Dog. Kids don’t always notice these or are able to read, so watch for them.
  • Remind them to use manners, such as saying “Thank You!”
  • After the Trick or Treaters are done, make sure your motion lights are still on to discourage the mischief makers!!
  • If passing out candy, pass the candy out yourself, all of those little hands in the bowl of candy = GERMS!!! While Trick or Treating, it wouldn’t hurt to keep hand sanitizer on you!! It’s FLU SEASON!!! Sorry, mom moment!!
  • Make sure your littles know you need to check the candy before they eat it, make sure nothing looks suspicious and you can pick out your favorites! 😉
  • When checking candy, throw out anything homemade (unless you know the person), anything with holes in it, partially opened, torn, or spoiled. Some people don’t give out candy, they give toys or other items, check these out closely! Make sure there isn’t anything sharp or anything on these items.
  • Make sure costumes don’t have any tripping hazards, such as being too long! Sidewalks and streets aren’t always flat and perfect and kids get excited! (I broke my arm on Halloween night years ago from tripping! lol)
  • If driving on Halloween, DON’T BE ON YOUR PHONE!! You shouldn’t do this to start with but the amount of kids out and not all are paying attention when crossing the street, you need to keep your eyes out extra tonight!
  • I have heard lots of controversy on letting older kids trick or treat. I’m on the side where I say LET THEM!! Let them be kids as long as they can!! But only if they are actually trick or treating and not causing trouble!! I heard someone say, once they can drive they are too old. I think that’s a good rule! If you still want to participate in the trick or treating, dress up, make it fun and pass out the candy!!

Pet Safety:

  • The wrappers of the candy can be deadly! Make sure there isn’t any left on the ground!
  • Chocolate can be deadly to dogs!
  • Make sure not to leave any candles (in jack o lanterns) where a pet could accidentally knock it over. Also keep glow sticks away from them.
  • If your pet stresses easily, dressing them up may stress them out more, especially with so many people coming to the doors, and all of the noise going on outside.
  • Make sure they have their collars and ids on! Just in case they sneak by out the door when a trick or treater comes up or they get out of the yard!

Jiobit has a Pet Tracker too!!! 😉

Popular Trick or Treating Hours are between 530-930pm!! 

I hope you all have the most incredible time Trick Or Treating this year && get lots of your favorite candy!

Happy Halloween!!!



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