Blogtober 2019 – My Version

I LOVE Blogtober! What is Blogtober? It’s a Challenge were you write a blog post every single day of the month! There’s normally a set list of topics set out at the beginning of the month and you just start writing! It’s normally not themed just about Halloween and Fall, t’s a fun way to push yourself as a blogger and let your friends get to know you better in all aspects of life!

BUT I’m going to accept my flaws up front! I’ve tried Blogtober 2 years in a row now and FAILED miserably! I’m not giving up, I’m just finding a way that works for ME and our schedule here! I post about once a week here! But you know you can find me daily on our Instagram!!

Maybe others will be interested in this way too! I came up with 31 Quick and Fun Halloween/Fall Specific questions to answer ALL in one post!!! These are fun questions you could ask your family around the dinner table during October too! If you answer these questions on your blog, share the link to it in the comments below and I’ll add it directly to the post at the end so no one else misses it!! Now, let’s go!!

  1. Best Fall Drink
    • Pumpkin Spiced Latte DUHHH lol
  2. Favorite Halloween Movie
    • Hocus Pocus, we are watching it NOW!!
  3. Scary Story
    • STARBUCKS IS CLOSING DOWN! :’) lol That’s a scary story for me! I don’t do scary! Ok but really, Penelope SCARED me one night when she was playing in her room and suddenly started crying! I went to check on her and asked her what’s wrong! She pointed to the corner and said, “it scared me”! I asked what scared her and my husband said, “YOU DON’T ASK THAT!!!” lol I still don’t know what scared her but nothing has happened like that again!
  4. Spell You Wish You Could Cast
    • To travel instantly somewhere!
  5. Scariest Place You’ve Been
    • I’m lame! I won’t go anywhere scary! lol Walking outside at night scares me! haha I’m the BIGGEST scaredy cat!! BIGGGESTT!!
  6. Are You Throwing A Halloween Party
    • Nope, we normally throw a Friendsgiving party so we go to my SIL’s Halloween Party!
  7. Biggest Fear
    • Exorcist type stuff!
  8. Scary Decorations or Fun Halloween Decorations
    • Fun, Colorful Decor! My husband pouts because I won’t buy Scary Decorations for our home! lol
  9. Have You Ever Seen A Ghost?
    • No, haven’t felt one either!
  10. Pumpkin Patch or Corn Maze?
    • BOTH!!
  11. Favorite Fall Candle
    • Anything Pumpkin honestly! But I LOVE Bath and Body Works Candles!
  12. Do You Prefer To Pass Out Candy And See Everyone’s Costumes Or Go Trick Or Treating With Your Littles?
    • I used to love passing it out! I volunteered to do it because I loved to see the costumes but now having a little one, I want to take her around!
  13. Do You Have Any Halloween Traditions
    • We go to my Sister In Law’s Party, order a Jack O Lantern looking Pepperoni Pizza, she makes desserts, we watch Hocus Pocus and take the littles Trick Or Treating!
  14. Homemade Costume or Store Bought Costumes
    • I made Penelope’s Costumes the first two years! This year I bought all of the pieces separately to put it together! I didn’t see any costumes in store that screamed Penelope! We have a tutu tradition! Every year her costume has included a tutu!
  15. Best Halloween Memory
    • Last year is ONE of my favorites! Penelope at the end of the night finally went up to a house and said Trick Or Treat to get candy! It was the cutest! I can’t wait to see her rock it this year!
  16. What Are Your Kids Dressing Up As For Halloween?
    • Penelope is going to be Amelia Earhart! She’s Obsessed with planes! We got professional photos done of her costume! I’ll share them with ya’ll when we get them back!
  17. Are You Dressing Up Too? If So, As What?
    • I have a Jack-O-Lantern shirt I normally wear on Halloween! lol I’m not that creative for myself
  18. Scariest Movie You’ve Seen
    • The Conjuring Movies (years ago!! There’s not any amount of money you could pay me to watch a scary movie now! ESPECIALLY now that I have a kid!!! lol)
  19. What’s Your Least Favorite Candy
    • Tootsie Rolls
  20. Favorite Fall Quote
    • Let Things Go!! Anxiety Is Real!
  21. Any Superstitions You Believe In
    • I don’t like anything having (3) 6’s together!!!
  22. Would You Rather Walk Through A Grave Yard At Night Or Sleep In A Haunted House?
    • Walk Through a graveyard at night!
  23. What Candy Will You Steal From Your Kids
    • Any Fruity Gummy Candy!!
  24. Favorite Carved Pumpkin Idea
    • This is my FAVORITE idea this year! I’m going to try it later!
    • Pumpkin Carving Ideas - Flower Pumpkin Vase
  25. 3 Things On Your Fall Bucket List
    • Go to a Pumpkin Patch
    • Carve a Pumpkin
    • Go through a Corn Maze
  26. Would You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse
    • hahahahaha NO!
  27. Is Halloween Your Favorite Holiday
    • Nope! My 2nd Favorite!! Christmas is my Favorite!
  28. What’s the Most Embarrassing Costume You Wore As A Kid?
    • My mom dressed me up as a Germ for Halloween! Yes, you read that right! A GERM! lol Next time I find that photo I’ll share it with ya’ll here! lol
  29. Reaction to Finding a Spider
    • Burn the house down!
  30. Should Halloween Stay On October 31st Or Should They Change It To The Last Friday Or Saturday Of October?
    • It should stay the same! However, I do understand the interest! It would be nice to celebrate on a Friday or Saturday! Get the whole night of fun and spookiness and not worry about having to get up for work and school early the next morning! But I do feel like people would get in way more trouble than they already do lol
  31. Candy Apples or Carmel Apples
    • Carmel!!

This time of the year is so fun!! Love the spirit people start getting into!!

Don’t forget if you answer these questions in a blog post, share the link with us!!


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