It’s National Dog Day!!

It’s National Dog Day!!

It is no secret to anyone who knows me and the love I have for DOGS!!! National Dog Day is a day to celebrate the love we all have for those awesome furry friends we call family.  We love Ace and how he has a mind of his own and his own personality.  Ace is blue nose pit bull who actually belongs to my daughter, but lives with me.  Although, I was not the biggest fan when my daughter brought Ace home during her college days, but I am sure glad he is part of our family.  He is pretty set in his ways and even though I have to lure him every night with treats he sure does make me smile.  He provides me with a sense of security and love!

IMG_2532 (1)

Many of us of who own dogs love how they just seem to lift our spirits and bring us joy! They sure do remind us to love and not to take things too seriously.  Most people would agree dogs are so special in their own way and the joy they bring to us is worth it!! National Dog Day was founded to highlight adoption for the many dogs in shelters.  If you are looking for a dog, I encourage you to look for one at a local shelter.  There are so many dogs who need loving homes.

IMG_2521 (1)

National Dog Day is a day to appreciate those four-legged family members and cherish the moments with them.  In the everyday hustle we call life let’s not forget to take some today to sit and just relax with your dog.  I know they may drive us a little crazy at times, but they do bring joy to our life.  Today, take some time to love on your dog and create memories with them!!

-Christina Hernandez



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