Get Your Kids Excited for Back To School!

No matter which parent you are:

Morning Funny Meme Dump 35 Pics


We all want those First Day Back to School photos!! Here are some cute ideas if your littles are cooperative to photos!!

Balloon First Day of School Photo Idea - First Day of School Traditions - Photos

I love the signs that ask questions too! See how their answers change throughout the years!!


For the Kid who HATES mom’s photos but mom wants one anyways!! Here’s a fun way to get them to play along! 😉

Funny first day of school pictures

When I ask all of my friend’s school aged littles if they are ready to go back to school, it’s a 50/50 reaction! Here are some cute ideas to do the first day back to school to help them get excited && stay excited to go!!

If you like to be extra!! Treat this like a Holiday!! Start decorating the home!! August is Back to School Month!!

Fun Ideas for a Back to School Breakfast or Dinner Table - Behind the Scenes Belle

Start Countdowns!

Back to School Countdown Printables - My Sister's Suitcase - Packed with Creativity

Morning of, have a fun breakfast set up to motivate them to get out of bed!!

Mini Back to School Banner Pancake Topper

Have fun themed snacks waiting for them when they get home!!

Want to start the year off right with the teacher? 😉 Take a cute little gift!!

Start your child’s day off with a smile when you send them a funny Starbucks Coffee Gift card attached to this Free Printable greeting card. Perfect gift for teacher appreciation or just because. #starbucksgiftcardholder #teacherappreciation #teachergift

Throw some funny little jokes into their lunch box!! This helps those shy ones know you are thinking about them throughout the day and could help them break the ice with their classmates and make a friend!

Free Printable Lunchbox Notes at The Crafted Sparrow

Your little won’t open up about how the school day went? Try asking these questions instead!!

This list is great for all parents. Try asking your kids these questions the next time they come home from school!

For even more fun ideas and to find the original poster of these ideas, head over to our Kid’s School Pinterest Board!!

Good Luck to your Little’s going to school!! I hope they have a SAFE && FUN year!!


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