The Bond Between my Daughter and I

The bond between my daughter, Angelique and I is strong and one of my greatest joys.  Our journey is unique and one I have learned a lot of life lessons from.  I was young when I became her mom and so uncertain of how I was going to do it all.  I believe my daughter has taught me at a young age to strive for more. I always wanted to be the best role model for her.  I wanted to be the best version of myself.  I always hoped she would be proud of me.  

IMG_1957 (1)

As time has passed I remember watching her grow into a little person of her own.  One of my favorite memories I have of her is being fearless and daring. On a summer vacation with family I remember hearing the story of how she took off and decided to try out a water slide all on her own.  My brother in law ran after her to make sure she was ok.  However, before you know it, she had already come down that waterslide and proved she was not scared!!  She was a child you always had to watch to make sure she wasn’t getting into something she wasn’t supposed to.  Angelique always had an adventurous spirit about her and always kept us on our toes.  

When she was a teenager it was a time that I really loved. I know there are some moms out there who may be questioning their abilities to mother a know it all teenager.  I made it a point to be involved and be aware of things going on in her life.  I also made it point to listen to her and get to know what was going on in her life.  I know there were some things I didn’t always do well, but I am proud of who she has become.  As parents, we can’t be afraid to admit when we are wrong. We need to be able to say when we are wrong and we are sorry.  

Today, there are times I find it hard to believe my baby is now a mom herself.  She is a great mom to Ava. Angelique works hard to provide for Ava.  The love Angelique has for Ava is undeniable and they are building a strong bond with each other.  I am enjoying watching the two of them together.  

It has been quite the journey so far and I cherish all the memories we are creating together as a family.  And through all the life lessons of striving to be the best mom to embracing every season no matter what may be going on is something I am grateful for.  

Written By: Christina Hernandez

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