Why Do You Need A Vision Board?

It all starts with a vision and we all need one to know where we are headed! When you dream it has to be BIG!! If you can achieve your dream in your own strength, then it’s not BIG enough. Dream BIGGER! The thought starts in your mind and then it leads to dreaming about it. I have felt many times we hold ourselves back and don’t allow ourselves to dream. Instead we decide to settle or second guess what is in our heart. We begin to tell ourselves how will it happen? Or I am not qualified to pursue that dream? There are so many thoughts that get in our head and that is how dreams don’t come about. What you think about comes about. I am a firm believer of having that dream in front of you to achieve it.

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The first step is to allow yourself to dream. And that is different for everyone and it should be because we are not called to be duplicates, but rather our own unique person. We were all created for a purpose and we each have our own talents, gifts and abilities. I encourage you to embrace who you were called to be. Stay true to yourself and to what you have been called to do here on earth. Can I let you in on a secret? If you are still living and breathing you have purpose. Period! You have been created to fulfill a destiny only you can fulfill. So how do you dream? What is something that gets you so excited that you can talk about it for hours? Or what gets you so excited that your face lights up when you talk about it? What is that one thing you would do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? Your dream is your dream. It may be to get that college degree you have always dreamt of getting. It may be starting that business you have always wanted to do. Or writing that book or even writing that movie script. No matter what it may be that desire is there for a reason. Dream big and go after what you want! I want to encourage you to dream beyond what you think you are capable of. Dream bigger than the funding you currently do not have. The funds will come, but first you have to dream it!!

The second step is to surround yourself with like-minded people and those who are going after dreams. I have heard many times if you are the smartest person in your group then it is time to find a new group. You should be in a constant state of learning and growing. I encourage you to be open to learning. We can all learn more and be open to growing as a person as well as in knowledge. We can’t stay in the same mindset and expect to go to the next level. Your mind is so powerful and can either steer you in direction of positive or negative. You also have to be careful to what you listen to. You can’t expect to have a positive mindset if all you listen to is negative talk.

The third step is to picture in your mind what your vision looks like for you. You can create a vision board based on words or phrases or you can even cut out photos of what you’re wanting to achieve. For example, let’s say you want to take a trip to Disney World then a picture of Mickey mouse can be on your board. Your board can be made up of a poster board, cork board or even a dry erase board. You don’t have to spend a lot of money creating your vision board. Cutting out pictures from magazines, typing up phrases or even writing words on your board is simple. You also need to be realistic and create attainable goals. If your goals are unattainable you will be discouraged when you don’t meet that goal. For example, if your goal is to put money aside for your upcoming Disney vacation then writing down the goal of saving $1,000 may not be something you can reach weekly. However, you may be able to set aside $150 a week. I think you get where I am headed with the rationale of my idea. I also want to encourage you not to limit yourself on your goals. Your goal is something that is meaningful to you. Those desires were placed in your heart for a reason. Your goals may not make sense to someone else, however they are not meant to. Your goals are for you and make sense to you.

You may be asking what is your next step? It’s time to gather your board, some photos and some art supplies and get started. Remember there is no right or wrong. I believe the first step is getting started and start creating your board. You should put it up in a place you can see it daily.

Finally, dream BIG and go after what you want! We are meant to thrive in life and not just let things just happen. We have to write the vision down and go after it! I hope you are encouraged to go after your dreams and make them happen!!


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