Penelope’s 2 Year Old Photoshoot

We got Penelope’s 2 Year Old Photos back!! I cannot stop looking at these incredible photos one of our closest && most dear family friends took for us!! I HAD to share them with you all! She did an amazing job on capturing her personality!! PLUS, I have a fun little bit about her sentimental bracelet at the end of this!!

Penelope. I hope you feel like you’re something every minute of every hour! I want you to be happy! & oh so kind! Be sincere, truthful, and courageous! Be honorable, faithful! I hope you feel loved!! Like you’re living every blessed minute! && even when you sleep, dream all the time so that not one little piece of living is lost!!

This one may look familiar!! It’s my NEW Profile Picture on our social media pages!!

I love her little dance moves!

See her pearls? She wore a pearl necklace from her great grandparents in her 1 year old photos! I know, I know! I’m crazy with these details and sentimental items!!

Penelope saw this fountain and took off towards it! She LOVES the water!!!

Her BIG personality is the BEST!!

The crown and floral headbands were both worn in her 1 Year Old Photos!! The crown was used in her newborn photos too!! Love seeing how much she’s grown with them!

She is my favorite human everrrr!!

Our photographer’s daughter came with us and it was the cutest thing in the world seeing them play together! I used to babysit her when she was Penelope’s age now!! It’s crazy seeing how much she’s grown and now having my own little one!! She captured the SWEETEST photos of them together!! She helped get the best smiles and faces out of Penelope!!

I loved all of the detail shots!! Help us capture and remember all of the features of her sweet self!! Including those chunky little feet!!

We were trying hard to get a mama and me photo and she just wanted to run and play!! Our photographer came over and hugged me and said “my mama”!! Penelope freaked out and ran over and said “NOOOOO, MY MAMA!!” lol

This bracelet was made by the incredible Mickee Moo’s!! This bracelet was a gift from her great grandmother, grandmother, and myself! We gave it to her as a baby and it’s adjustable so she can wear it as an adult such as at her graduation or on her wedding day! No matter what, we can all be with her throughout her life and big moments!

If you’d love to see Penelope’s 1 Year Old Photos, HERE they are!

Thank you for being apart of watching and helping us raise this little hot mess of a toddler!! We cannot get enough of her!!!


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  1. Brenda Koesters says:

    She is adorable!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Gae Callaway says:

    Oh so cute and darling, MEMORIES!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Gertrude says:

    Penelope is gift that we cherish with you. I wish abundant blessings over her life and unconditional love and hugs. The captures of her life is telling a beautiful story and showing us the pureness of just being true to herself. Her smile and expression is contagious ❤️ I truly just love this whole family. And photographer has the perfect 3 eye 📸.

    Liked by 1 person

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