Mama Pampering and Wellness Time!!

Mommin’ is the GREATEST and the MOST EXHAUSTING adventure in life!! We are constantly reminded to not forget about Self Care!! When a friend told me this again, I was like ‘sooo an uninterrupted shower??’ Even that is a dream!! ūüėČ But they definitely mean taking care of YOU!! Your health, your mind, your body! If you aren’t healthy, feeling amazing and refreshed, there’s no way you can keep up with those littles! This said friend told me about a Medi Spa here in Corpus Christi, Texas: Essential Performance Center and told me I needed to check them out! I never in a million years actually thought I’d ever go, who has time for that?? I don’t even get to shower without a little one needing me, how would I find the time for a MEDI SPA?!? Well, stress and life happened so I made the time && I can’t believe I didn’t do this sooner!!

Medi Spa’s aren’t like regular spas, it’s a¬†hybrid between a medical clinic and a day spa that operates under the supervision of a highly trained medical doctor! It’s¬†a place where you can get results oriented treatment! You will see a lot of the same services offered such as massages and facials but they are more focused on YOU and your Health Needs; not just a generic facial that the next person that walks in will get too!

I’m making this my Monthly Mama Pampering and Wellness Time!! Do something for you AT LEAST once a month!! We deserve it!!

This month I got Eye Lash Extensions!! Here are my before photos:

I have the shortest little eye lashes! I am a very natural look type of mama! I wear Mascara daily and will put on a little other make up on special days, but that’s about it! I wanted to have fuller, longer eye lashes!! I wanted something to help me feel more confident and make my morning routine a little easier without having to try putting fake eye lashes on every day!!

April¬†did my lashes!! I’m not sure why, maybe the mixture of I wasn’t being used as a human jungle gym, the essential oils in the air in their office, or the comfortable chair, I almost fell asleep while getting my Eye Lash Extensions!! It was sooo relaxing!


My after photos:

LOOK AT THOSE LASHESSSS!!! I’m obsessed!! I got these done 2 weeks ago and I’m not lying when I say, I’ve worn make up TWICE in the past 2 weeks!! && NO ONE NOTICED ANYTHING OTHER THAN HOW AMAZING MY LASHES LOOKED!! I got asked multiple times what mascara I use!! UMMM Essential Performance Center Lashes!!! You can actually see I have lashes now! haha

A few other Services they offer that mama’s take advantage of include:

Essential Cleansing Facials: This 45 minute facial is essential for keeping your skin clean, fresh and hydrated. This facial includes aromatherapy, deep cleanse, hot towel treatment, steam, toning, 1 treatment mask, hand and arm massage and hydration.

B12 Injections: This includes weekly shots of B12 for a month, B12 helps boost your energy and is used to treat low blood counts! Helps you keep up with those littles!!
There is a Weight Management Program you can sign up for! This includes weekly weigh ins, coaching, weekly MIC injections with B12 injections every other week & labs as needed (at least initially & every 6 months).
Have a Special Event coming up?? There are waxing services too! They can wax it ALL!

They do Skin Tightening for different body parts including your face, chest, abdomen, legs, arms && more!!

MY FAVORITE SERVICE: Massages!!! They even have couples massages if you can get a babysitter!! ūüėČ

BONUS!! They say Mom’s don’t get sick days! Ain’t that the truth!!! They also have a¬†Wellness IV:¬†Feeling under the weather? Go in for their Wellness IV which includes Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, MultiVitamins and Zinc to help give your immune system the boosts it needs.

They offer way more services than just this!! Head over to their Facebook Page to BOOK your appointment today!!

Essential Performance Center just had their Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening and it was INCREDIBLE!! They have so many specials going on right now!! Do something for YOU mama!!


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