Happiness Project Weeks 8-13

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done my 52 weeks of Projects!! 6 weeks to be exact!! If you’re curious what these are, head over to 52 Lists Project! Week 1 && 2!!! Basically it’s an incredible set of books that has you make lists each week of the year to help you work on your happiness, relationships, and yourself!! It’s been so fun seeing your responses too!! I share these to let you get a little more insight into my life and help you open up more too!! So if you’re new to these, stick around! If you’ve been keeping up, sorry it’s been so long!! 😉


I know we are covering a few weeks, so I’ll try to keep the answers shorter this time!! lol

Book 52 Lists for Happiness-

Week 8: List the things you like to do that don’t involve technology:

  • Getting Massages
  • Playing with my daughter && her toys! I love seeing her imagination come to!
  • Baking Cookies with my SIL! It’s so relaxing && fun

Week 9: List all the little things that happened today that brought you joy:

  • It’s the beginning of BIRTHDAY MONTH && I got my first gift!! A wine & drink fridge for our new home!!

Week 10: List the ways that you feel lucky:

  • See Above!! IT’S BIRTHDAY MONTH!!!!!
  • We are healthy!
  • We’re buying our first house this month!

Week 11: List the things that made you happy as a child:

  • Chasing Fireflies
  • Picking Dandelions
  • Playing on the Tire Swing

Week 12: List the people who make you feel happy:

  • My Daughter & Husband
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • The Starbucks Barista

Week 13: List the things in your life you are actually able to control: 

  • My Starbucks Order


Book 52 Lists for Togetherness-

Week 8: List the activities you liked to do (by yourself or with others) as a child:

  • Same as above!!
  • I LOVED reading when I was younger!!

Week 9: List the activities you love doing one-on-one with a loved one or in larger groups now:

  • Going to the movies is my FAVORITE thing to do!

Week 10: List the reasons why you should feel proud of yourself:

  • I’m a hot mess of a mother but I’m totally rocking it! (WE ALL ARE!!!)

Week 11: List the nicknames you’ve had throughout your life:

  • Alex (Middle name is Alexandra)
  • If I had a dollar for every time someone called me Brittany Spears growing up, I wouldn’t have to work for LIFE!!!

Week 12: List the qualities you would like to have if you were a superhero or villain:

  • I want to be a superhero!!
    • I want to be able to transport to different places!!
      • I HATE driving && I want to travel!! lol But hey, I can help people along the way! 😉

Week 13: List the things that you prefer to do alone:

  • NOTHING!! I’m terrible! I hate doing anything alone!


The 52 Lists Project-

Week 8: List your favorite quotes:

  • “Find people who love to celebrate your birthday more than you do!” (Cough Cough 😉 😉 ) lol Has this post been subtle enough??

Week 9: List the things you treasure most:

  • Pictures && Videos!! Life is going by so fast!

Week 10: List the things you should ignore:

  • People’s Negative Attitudes

Week 11: List the ways you can rejuvenate: 

  • Getting a Massage! Ya, this is and will always be my go to answer!! Have you ever had a massage before?! Then you’d agree!!

Week 12: List your best qualities: 

  • When I’m passionate about something, there’s not much that can stop me!

Week 13: List the things that always cheer you up:

  • My daughter!! That girl makes everything in the world ok!!


I’ll keep up with our lists better!! I love doing these! It helps me take a step back! Realize what’s important in life! I haven’t done these the past few weeks because we’ve been so busy! But that’s even more reason why I need to make the time! Sit down, have a moment to myself, make sure I’m enjoying this amazing life!!! Don’t forget to share your favorite list answers with us too!!



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