Penelope’s 2nd Moana Inspired Birthday Party

Today we celebrated Penelope’s 2nd Birthday!!! Someone pinch me!! I’m trying to take this all in!! The First Birthday Party was sooo exciting because we all SURVIVED that first year!!! Lol Two though, this second birthday was harder to accept!! She’s OFFICALLY #ToddlerStatus!!! She’s not my baby anymore!! {She’ll always be my baby but you know what I mean!!}

Penelope went through a c r a z y Moana obsession! That’s why I picked this theme &&& without fail! The very next day she switched to Frzoen!! I was torn on switching the theme but I already planned it all so I said Let. It. Go. 😂😉 We are sticking with Moana!! && I loved how everything turned out!!

I made this sign for the backdrop!! I got the Greenery Background and the Water Tablecloth from Amazon!

My SIL omg my incredible SIL made this Moana Inspired Cake!! The ocean waves on the bottom! The graham cracker sand top tier! Moana’s Shell && Leaf Flower Crown and all!! I’m still at a loss of words of how amazing this cake is!!!

My SIL made these Moana Cookies too!! My other SIL came over and we had such a fun girls night helping her make these!! The party alone was perfect but the memories made with everyone building up to and even cleaning up after are just as much my favorite along with the party itself!!

She made a bunch of 2 cookies and bags of icing! This was our activity! All of the littles got to decorate their own cookies!!

Z Party Studios did the tables and centerpieces and I absolutely loved how it all turned out!! I wanted it all Moana Inspired and making a statement but still simple!!! They did an amazing job!!

AndTheStarsAligned created this Star Chart of the night Penelope was born and added Maui’s Fish hook in the stars like in the movie!!

We bought Penelope a Moana book and had everyone sign that as her gust book!! While reading her favorite books she can see all of the love from her family and friends!!

My MIL made these adorable Party Favor Bags for Penelope’s Party!! It takes a village!!! Keep scrolling!! She even added little Moana Stickers on them!! Filled with fun little snacks!!

We kept the food simple with so many little ones coming! We wanted finger foods but something still filling since this was during Lunch!! We labeled everything with things from the movie too!!

Yaaaa we got Chick Fil A Nuggets!!! YUMMMM!!!

Our little Director of Activities 😉 decided we needed to start opening gifts earlier than planned!! Lol Of course she loved pulling the tissue paper out of the bags and throwing it everywhere the most!!

We have been singing her Happy Birthday for the past few weeks to prepare her so she wouldn’t freak out when everyone sang it to her at her party!! She just stared at everyone like uhhhh why is everyone staring at me! Lol and then didn’t want to blow the candle out! Just wanted to touch the fire! 🤦🏽‍♀️

These are the cards we printed out to send as Thank You Cards!! Took the Lyrics from the song You’re Welcome from the movie and and changed it to Thank You!!!

Thank you SO much to everyone that attended Penelope’s Birthday Party!! Thank you EVERYONE that sent their love and have been apart of her life and adventures so far!!! It truly does take a village of raising these little ones && it’s all going wayyy too fast!!

Thank you!!!

-Britnee && Penelope

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