Parking Pal Magnets! Helping Keep our Kiddos Safe Getting In and Out of the Car!

Momma’s, how many times have you been trying to load your car by yourself while keeping an eye on your little one who suddenly realizes the amount of freedom they have while waiting to get in their car seat? Too many times have I seen that realization click with my toddler as her eyes widen and her blank face turns into a mischievous grin as she prepares to take off and run. It used to be a frequent conversation how running away from mommy in a parking lot is very dangerous and how cars are big and you are small.

    Desperate for a solution to this problem, I stumbled across Parking Pal Magnets. This amazing company understands energetic toddlers like mine, and created a wonderful, lifesaving product to help keep our babies safe. They are the masterminds of the Parking Pal magnet. This magnet is simple in design in that it features a handprint with a fun background. THAT’S IT!

    The goal of the magnet is to keep little ones slightly entertained while keeping their hand on the handprint when waiting for someone to load them into the car. If this sounds too simple to work, then you would be wrong! Who knew this amazing little magnet would turn into my toddler being EXCITED to wait her turn to get in the car?

    We got on the website and picked out a design together, when her magnet arrived she couldn’t have been more thrilled to put it on her special spot on the car. Now I don’t have to worry about her getting a wild hair and taking off while I try and get her car seat ready to put her in. She knows that her hand is to stay on the car until mommy or daddy can safely put her in. There is also a wonderful book available called “Cars are Big and I am Small” that explains to the kids the importance of staying by the car and in plain sight. 
    The concept was born out of a tragic incident of a perfect little boy name Jackson that lost his life due to a horrible car related accident. Since then, this product has helped save countless lives across the United States and even the world. If you are interested in reading more about Jackson’s story visit, These affordable magnets have made a huge difference in how we get in and out of the car if you are interested in purchasing a one, visit 


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