New Wubbanub Design Idea for Pediatric Cancer Awareness

Cancer. Cancer SUCKS!! Sorry, I try not to use that type of language in my social media and blog posts, but it does! It SUCKS!! I’ve had multiple people in my life, including children, be affected by Cancer. Cancer Sucks!

I was scrolling through Instagram months ago and saw a baby girl named Evy and she had her a little wubbanub (Pacifier)! Penelope has one just like it and anyone who knows Penelope knows she OBSESSED with her “Ellie” as she calls it! I was reading Evy’s story about how she has ATRT, a rare pediatric type of brain cancer. It hit me seeing that sweet baby and thinking of my daughter with her wubbanub!! 

A group of women came together, including myself and we started raising money for her family to help with any expenses! As we followed her story and became close with her family, this group of ladies became very close too! We started helping with sending meals, started an auction, prayer chains, candle light chains, and more! Evy actually brought THOUSANDS and I mean thousands of complete strangers around the world together! People talked about how much she inspired them, changed their lives, helped them be better in life, and the biggest one, she helped bring them to God!

Evy passed away at 9 months old.

This hit me hard. Very hard. I couldn’t even begin to image.

A few days later a family shared about their baby that is fighting for her life, named London. A few days after that another family came across our path with a baby boy named Sean. He has passed away too since then. We can’t just sit here and keep being sad anymore, we want to do something!! We want to help more families! We want to make a difference!

I couldn’t sleep one night and could not stop thinking about Evy and her wubbanub! I looked it up and Wubbanub has a spot to make New Design Requests. I reached out to the Mom’s and we said Yes! Let’s do this!!

We wanted to partner with Wubbanub BECAUSE Evy LOVED her Wubbanub, she was even laid to rest with hers. A mom in the group donated 2 Deer Wubbanubs to auctions for Evy and they raised over $120! There is power behind the Wubbanub and people connected with it because of Evy! Evy has connected a loving emotion to a brand. Both moms who won do not have children of pacifier age. They just wanted one to remind them of Evy.

So, I googled and searched and found out that Honey Badgers are the Toughest Animals in the world. The Guinness book has declared the honey badger as “the world’s most fearless animal.” A Small, Fierce Mammal! Exactly what these little ones are! We want to add a Gold Heart Patch on the Honey Badger! So this is what we are submitting as a New Design!

Childhood Cancer Awareness is represented by the color gold. Families, caregivers, charities and research groups across the United States observe September as Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We thought this could potentially be the perfect month to release!!

I wrote them a letter and all of the moms are sending it out! I created an image on Instagram to share and tag Wubbanub to get their attention! The mom’s are sharing that too!! I’m sharing this now in case anyone else would love a copy of the email to send out with us! Email me at for more information.

The mom’s and I are working together and if this goes through, we would love to gift each baby and child we work with from here on out a Honey Badger Wubbanub to remind them to keep fighting, stay fearless, fierce, and tough!!

Wubbanub, please respond! This is for all little ones Fighting!!


Wubbanub has reached out and we will not be able to do this design at the moment because of their current work with CHD Awareness! The Wubbanub Company was absolutely incredible to talk with and I am so excited to announce that we will be working with them in September to make a donation for Pediactic Cancer Awareness Month!



In Memory of Evy Valean!


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