Tasks Your Littles Can Help With Around the House

After seeing Penelope help make her bed this morning my mind started racing with other ideas!! Yes, she’s only {almost} 2 but I’m starting to think I’m down playing what she can actually help with!! So after talking with a few other mama’s with kids of different ages, I’ve come up with some ideas for ways your littles can help around the house by their age groups! I’m even going to share some ways to make it fun for the kids too so they will be more willing to help!! The added fight to get them to help makes it exhausting, so let’s find ways around that!!

Side Note!! The reason my 2 year old is able to help make her bed is because we have a Beddy’s Bedspread and it literally just zips up the sides to make the bed!! Check them out!! This is post is NOT sponsored by them!! I really just love them THAT much!!

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 10.57.43 PM.png

Age 2-3:

  • Pick up their toys
  • Clean up spills
  • Put dirty clothes in laundry
  • Help Clean toys, wipe them down
  • Dust
  • Put plate in sink after meals & Wipe table

Age 4-6:

  • All of the above &&&&
  • Make their beds (sooner if they have a Beddy’s Bedspread 😉 )
  • Help put up laundry
  • Set the table
  • Feed pets
  • Water plants
  • Getting a small snack
  • Help put up Dishes

Age 7-9:

  • All of the above &&&&
  • Wake up with an Alarm Clock on their own
  • Load and Unload the Dish Washer
  • Fold laundry
  • Help put up the groceries
  • Sweep
  • Wipe things down, like the counter tops and mirrors
  • Make their own school lunches and help make dinner

Age 10+:

  • All of the above &&&&
  • Wash the Car
  • Make small meals alone
  • Vacuum and Mop
  • Help take out the trash and get a new bag
  • Bring in the Mail

Now let’s make this FUN!!

(These are ideas I found on Pinterest! Click the photo to head to the original poster!)

Create Chore Sticks! Pick a stick and do that random chore!

For a couple of months now Little Miss has been dying to have chores and earn pocket money. I’ve been promising to discuss it with Crafty Daddy and make decisions. So I finally did (- one happy 6 year old here 😉 Of course, there had to be some crafty-ness involved… I was inspired by...Read More »

Let  your littles Pick out which chores they do! Put that chore under your name and then do it!! If they want to do them they can’t complain about them! 😉

8 Chore Board Ideas to Get Kids to do Their Chores

Make a game out of chores! Take turns doing a chore and then write down what you did on the tic tac toe board!

Chore charts present parents a fantastic way to teach their children responsibility in a cool, colorful, and organized way. The charts on this list are fun, colorful, and almost cool enough to make your kids enjoy carrying out their daily chores.

Make a door hanger for each kid and they can move their pins as they do their chores! No dessert or screen time until everything is on the DONE side!

Easy Chore Chart :)I  love this idea.  Make one  for our morning and night routines

This is such a cute idea! Put a square of tape down and have the littles sweep everything into the square!!

Put your kids to work by turning chores into a fun game. | 36 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier

Do your littles earn allowance? If they want more money, they will do more chores!!

Chores for Hire! Help kids learn the value of money and get the house cleaned!

Kids always leaving things out? This Toy Jail is a fun idea!!

TOY JAIL..  You left it out and MOM picked it up. I've got your stuff, you're out of LUCK! To get it back you must do a CHORE, then its yours just like before.

Ok, this one makes it fun for the parents! lol

For when Amelia gets older lol! #chores

Make chores a point system! Dishes 1 point, etc and after so many points ya’ll will go on a family movie night or they can go pick out a new toy at the store!


Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 12.09.20 AM

Ya, Ya, Ya!! We should just be able to tell our kids to do something and they should just do it!!! But let’s be real! Sometimes we need to mix it up! Make it fun! Not just for them, but for us parents too!!

How old are your littles and what chores do they help out with??



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  1. Georgia King says:

    Love these! What a great way to get kids involved and get them used to helping out!


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