52 Lists Project!! Week 5, 6, & 7!

We had some other fun posts to share so I skipped 2 weeks of our 52 Lists Project! Let’s Catch up!! I may start doing this!! Skipping a few weeks and catching up in one post, these lists are so short! But it’s still so fun! I love sharing more about me, help you get to know me better && learning more about our friends and followers on here when ya’ll send us your lists!! I love seeing your messages!! Thank you!!! I am blown away with the support we receive and this is kind of a little on going intro to our new followers too!!

Speaking of which!! If you aren’t sure what the 52 Lists Project is!! Start HERE!! It’ll bring you back to this post!!

Let’s GOOOO!!!

52 Lists of Happiness: 

Week 5: List the best choices you have made in your life so far:

  • Attending my dream college (Texas Tech University)! Even though I didn’t graduate from there, I would’ve regretted not going if I hadn’t given it a shot!
  • Taking a chance applying for my dream job right out of College! I never thought I’d actually get it being a recent graduate and no “experience” (in their eyes)! I GOT IT!!
  • Marrying my Husband!!! He’s been my best choice!!
  • Penelope is OUR GREATEST choice in life!!
  • Starting a Blog!! I loveeee all of the experiences and friends I’ve made that I NEVER would’ve if it wasn’t for this crazy adventure!!

Week 6: List the things (from your past and present) that feel like blockades in the way of happiness:

  • Not realizing and recognizing the amazing things and people I had in front of me in the moment! I need to work on enjoying and being more in the moment with people in my life! Let them know how appreciated they are!
    • There’s not any grand thing I can think of that’s not making me happy now. I mean nothing a maid and a week of sleep can’t fix 😉 But I do know that the above bullet point would help me have greater relationships with certain people! Family and Friends bring me happiness and I need to work on keeping  those relationships strong!

Week 7: List the greatest compliments and encouragement you have ever been given:

  • That I’m doing an amazing job with Penelope! Every mom wants to hear they are doing a good job! It’s the hardest thing you’ll ever do, the thing you’ll stress over the most, the thing you’ll be the most judged over, you’re shaping this child’s life! You want to hear you’re doing a good job of it!!
  • That my hair looks amazing! lol It’s the only physical, vain thing I have! I’m fine rocking yoga pants, big t-shirt, and no make up but I WILL fix my hair! (Big jump from the bullet point above lol)
  • I love getting compliments on my photography! It’s something I’d love to put more focus on and work more on!!

52 Lists for Togetherness:

Week 5: List the ways your life is different now from how it was one year ago:

  • We are in the process of BUYING our FIRST Home!! Aka I’m paying A LOT more attention to what I’m spending money on than I was this time last year! lol Well THE BANK is paying attention to what I’m spending my money on!!
  • I’m working Full Time!! This time last year I was helping out only a few hours a week for our Family Business!
  • I have a WALKING, TALKING, EXHAUSTING Toddler!! lol I absolutely love this stage! Her big personality and all!! But there are a few moments I miss the days of the sweet baby coos and being able to lay her down and she stay there so I can go to the bathroom real quick and alone!! ha

Week 6: List the fictional couples, friends, and communities that you love from books, movies, and media.

  • I say ALL of the time, I wish I had a group of friends like from FRIENDS or How I Met Your Mother!!
    • I have incredible friends now don’t get me wrong!!!!
  • I LOVE Lilly && Marshal’s Relationship on How I Met Your Mother
  • Who WOULDN’T love a relationship from ANY Nicholas Sparks Book/Movie! 😉 lol
    • Just this past week I mentioned on Instagram that I live in my own little world of thinking life should be JUST like a movie!!

Week 7: List the mantras and guiding words you want to live by:

  • 57ad603a3965143ac734328cec09f7cc
  • Workout Motivation: I have goals Damnit! You Daily Health and Fitness Motivation provided by @fitpossiblecoach . Make sure you REPIN if you like seeing these quick quotes. This will help spread inspiration and motivation to more people searching! facebook.com/...
  • Continuing on with our weekly lists!!! Let’s do my Favorite Quotes!! I go through different favorite quotes depending on what’s going on it my life at the moment! I love the fun quotes …

The 52 Lists Project:

Week 5: List what you would like your life to look like in ten years:

  • I’d love to have another baby, 2 littles ones running around the house! A house that feels like a home! I want to have fresh cookies baking, fun music on, and sitting in a rocking chair on our front porch talking with a best friend! Her family over, our littles running around together, our husband’s bbq-ing! That’s what my perfect bliss would be!

Week 6: List the ways you love to have fun:

  • Taking Penelope on adventures! She’s at such that fun age where everything is so exciting to her!! No matter how many times we’ve been there, there’s always something new to her!
  • Eating Ice Cream (I do believe Ice Cream is a food group!) and watching Grey’s Anatomy! It’s our Thursday Night tradition, a night I look forward to all week with my best friend!!
  • I love to get massage’s!
  • Helping my SIL decorate her cookies!! No distractions, just talking and listening to music! We’ve gotten so close over cookies and solve all of the world’s problems! 😉
  • Going to the movies!! It’s my favorite thing ever to do!! I wish we had a Drive in Movie Theater here!!

Week 7: List all the people who brighten your day: I feel like this is a loaded question! There are so many people in my life that I absolutely love!! I feel like everyone I cross in a day brightens my day! Not just saying that! I’m a people person! I thrive off of interaction! I’ll smile at a stranger and think how nice they were if they smile back! When things happen in my life, bad things, I’ll need a moment, maybe a day or two, and I’m ready to move on! I just want to live life to the fullest! I hear too many stories of how short life is and I have no intention on wasting a single day holding something against someone! Let’s be happy and make memories!! If you’re in my life, know YOU brighten my day!!! I’m grateful for all of you!!


I was having literally the MONDAYEST of MONDAY’S when I started this post! This helped me take a step back! Which is WHY I started these in the first place!! Bring perspective and happiness to my life in these crazy moments!! Life has become a CONSTANT GO!! && This helps me slow down and take a moment to myself and appreciate this life I’ve been given!!

I hope you all are having an INCREDIBLE week!! Don’t forget to share your answers to your favorite lists with us!!

Head over to Happiness Project Weeks 8-13 for the next weeks!!

P.S. Love our new logo??




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