5 Toddler Hacks!!

If you are anything like me, I am always looking for a way to make my life just a little bit simpler. I have a high energy toddler that I struggle to keep occupied. As nice as it is to plop her down with a tablet and enjoy the serenity of “screen time,” I had to find ways to keep her entertained, stimulated and away from a screen. Here are my top five favorite toddler hacks. 
Hack 1. How many of you have been to the store just trying to enjoy your time aimlessly shopping when you are bombarded with “mommy can I have your phone?!” a thousand times. This momma has had it! I recently got a new iphone, so I’m not ready to let my clumsy two-year-old drop it on the unforgiving Walmart floor just yet. I’m not saying this hack is the cure all for the shopping blues, but it has made a few trips more pleasant and screen free. Instead of the traditional have your child hold on to the end of the cart and hope their little muscles don’t give out before you run over them trick as shown here……..
Have your little one sit facing you on the bottom of the cart. My little thought it was the coolest thing to have her feet dragging on the ground like she was skating, and passersbys got a chuckle at it too.

Hack 2. Raise your fin if you have ever had a Finding Dory obsessed child.. I had a fun Idea to get her a salt water tank for her birthday and try to get a Dory and Nemo look alike to go with it. I quickly nixed that idea when I found out the cost and proper care that a project like that needs. I already have a toddler, a husband and a dog to take care of, so the last thing I need is another thing to clean up after. I ran to my local store and found a Dory and Nemo bath toy, got some fun fish rocks and plants, and used an old fish bowl I had laying around (RIP Reba, you were a goof fish). Assemble the fish bowl like you would for any other fish, but don’t put water in it! My daughter was just as happy with our fake fish as she would have been with any other fish. No feeding, and just some light dusting required every now and then.

Hack 3. I am very crafty and have at least two crafting projects going at any given time. This being said, my toddler always wants to help. Trying to avoid a melt down and a huge mess, I gave her a paintbrush, bowl of water and a piece of construction paper. She paints the paper with the water and watches it change colors! She thinks she is painting and all I have to clean up is a tiny bit of water. Win win for both of us. 


Hack 4. I do a lot of my work from home, which means a lot of my daylight is spent on the computer. It is hard to get anything done when there is a toddler crawling on your face. (My toddler mommas know that this is not an exaggeration). Once I realized all she wanted to do was play on the “puter” like mommy then I was able to create a hack of my own! I found an old iPad case that no longer worked that had a key board attached to it. I gave her some stickers and a work space, and she was able to decorate her “laptop” like mommy’s and get work done! 

Hack 5. I am all about my child being self-sufficient. She has always been very independent, and that is a quality I would like to encourage. She would much rather do something for herself, and I would much rather let her! To help her reach her full potential, we have a “Kendall area” in the fridge. This area has proportioned and healthy snacks, juices and sippies ready to go for her. She knows to ask first, although she can be sneaky and just help herself, but so far, the system works for us! She can eat and drink like a big girl, and I am able to let her while still having some control on the situation. 


I hope these toddler hacks were helpful and can help save you some sanity! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram!!


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