The Wanna-be Pinterest Mom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

I love Valentine’s Day. I know a lot of people think it’s a silly holiday invented to make money, but I’m all for a day dedicated to showering people  with love! So with Valentine’s Day around the corner Pinterest is buzzing with cute ideas to show acts of love for your spouse and kids! I feel that there is an unspoken amount of pressure to be a “Pinterest Mom”, and I don’t know about y’all, but I always imagined I’d be the most fun Pinterest mom there ever was. But I’m more of a “I tried my best” kind of gal. In effort to ensure my hours of scrolling on Pinterest are not put to waste, I’ve put together “The Wannabe Pinterest Mom’s Guide to Valentine’s Day”


Valentine Box Holder

Here is my take on the classic tissue box Valentine’s Day mailbox for your kids. Last year my daughter was given a tissue box and we were asked to decorate it for her to receive Valentine’s from her little friends. This is an easy way to go the extra mile with minimal effort! I strongly encourage mommas to go the extra mile on these type of things. Your kid will feel so proud to show off their box vs. one that you bought from the store. I am always looking for ways to spend quality time with my daughter, and this is a great way to do that! 


Fun Traditions

I absolutely adore this mail box from Target. It was $5 and worth every penny. At first my husband thought that those $5 would have been better spent on just aboutanything else, but we have adopted this mailbox as a fun way to surprise each other and our daughter each morning with little love notes. 


Gifts for spouse 

My husband and I are suckers for gifts. We look for any reason to give each other a little something, and at Valentine’s Day we try to keep it romantic without breaking the bank.

Some of my favorite gifts are the hand madeones we have done for each other. This 52 reasons I love you book is simple and sentimental. 

Gifts for the family

Now that we have a beautiful little girl, we have strayed away from the overly elaborategifts and try to do something more family friendly. This year I combined our love of Disney and food and purchased a gift that we could do together. I found the cutest Disney mixing bowl set and Disney family cookbook and look forward to the messy nights spent making something delicious together! If you want to do a family Valentine gift then pick something that works best for your family! 


So for all you momma’s out there that are stressing over being a perfect mom, don’t! Resources like Pinterest make being a mom a little easier, but don’t set the standard. Your family will love whatever you whip up, whether it be a simple Valentine’s Day card or an elaborate day of fun, don’t take the joy out of the holidays by stressing yourself out. Make sure you follow me on Instagram at momminallovertheworld to keep up with all the shenanigans that we get into! Also be sure to check out Britnee’s’ post on fun things to do with all those yummy candy hearts your kids are sure to get from school!


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