10 Ways My Toddler is a Tiny Me

From our very own Kelsey Bartlett!! Mommin’ All Over the World!!

These days toddler-hood seems to be getting the best of me. No one warns you about the postpartum pain called raising a toddler. Being a parent of a strong-willed toddler will test every ounce of energy and every nerve you thought you had. At the end of the day I am defeated and exhausted, and all I want to do is vent to my husband. When I start to complain he lovingly says “you know she is just like you right?” This revelation truly blew my mind. How could this little person, that drives me so insane, be just like me? That’s when it hit me, she reflects myself, all the good and bad personality traits I possess have rubbed off on her in some of the best and worst ways, creating a tiny version of myself to deal with every day! So here are the ten ways my daughter is a tiny me. 

  • She is VERY stubborn: My daughter will not rest until she gets her way, and it has been pointed out to me that I may or may not possess a similar quality. 
  • She is persistent: My daughter will repeat herself until someone acknowledges what she said.  
  • She is loud: My daughter is always singing at the top of her lungs and doesn’t care who hears her!  
  • She is compassionate: She cares about all creatures, big and small. 
  • She is friendly: She has never met a stranger! Seriously, every trip to the store I learn a lot more about the cashier than I ever wanted to due to her inquisitive nature. 
  • She is takes things to heart: She can be sensitive and get her feelings hurt when others don’t give her the same attention or compassion that she gives to them.
  • She has the memory of an elephant: She doesn’t forget anything! Not the server at chilis and not that dog we saw walking two weeks ago. She remembers everything and will bring it up randomly like a fun memory game for me! 
  • She is curious: She questions everything around her. “Momma what do colors do?” “Momma why is this bird here?” “Momma what does coffee do?” 
  • She is Adventurous: I have dragged her little butt across this world, but she loves every second of it! 
  • She is easily excitable: She gets excited about everything, whether we are going to the Disney store or for a walk to the park, I can almost guarantee there will be some sort of excitement squeal coming from her. 

After these similarities in our personality were pointed out to me, I realized that this stage in her childhood is so hard because we are both learning from each other. She is absorbing all my personality traits, good and bad and throwing them right back at me! This realization made my heart melt. Imitation is the highest form of flattery and she imitates me quite a bit. An overwhelming sense of responsibility came flooding over me to show her how to use these personality traits for good and not evil! Only I can show her how to turn her stubbornness into a strong work ethic, or her sensitivity into a kind heart for all living things. So, mommas, I urge you to take a good hard look at your littles and compare them to yourselves. Some of the things about them that drive you crazy probably came from you! Nurture those qualities and love them through it all. 


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