52 Week Project of LISTS!! Week 4!

Sorry this post is a little later than the others!! I forgot today was Monday, the holiday day has me thinking it’s Sunday!! Let’s jump into this!!! We are on Week 4 of our 52 Lists Project!! <— Click that link if you haven’t seen this Project from the beginning!! It’ll catch you up!!

Here are our books:


Our Question this week from the Happiness Book – List the things that get you out of your head: 

  • Listening to Music*
  • Watching Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, or How I Met Your Mother Reruns**

*By listening I mean BLASTING music lol Normally in my car and you KNOW I’m giving the drivers next to me a show!! lol

**My mind goes the craziest at night! When everyone is asleep and it’s quite, it drives my husband INSANE but I haveee to have the tv on at night with the volume just loud enough to hear what they are saying! It helps focusing on what they are saying so my brain can stop thinking of the never ending to do list!! Plus it’s the only time I can actually watch a show and not have a little one yelling in the background or distracting me! 😉

Projects – List the soundtrack to your life right now:

  • Going Going Gone by Maddie Poppe
  • How Far I’ll Go by Auli’i Cravalho Moana (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (Penelope is OBSESSED with Moana! It wouldn’t be a day in my life without hearing this!)
  • Breathe by Jonny Diaz
  • A Million Dreams by Ziv Zaifman, Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams The Greatest Showman (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
  • While I Was Away by Pat Green

I am one of those that will play songs on repeat All. Day. Long until I find a new favorite! These are my favorite songs on repeat at the moment!

Togetherness – From this list, circle the top five words you value the most: 

image 1-21-19 at 8.34 pm


Find Week Five Here!! On to the next!!

Are you doing this Challenge too? What songs are the soundtrack to your life right now?? What 5 words would you have chosen?

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