Penelope’s Baby Scrap Book

I posted a sneak peak at the last page of Penelope’s Baby Scrap book I made her and wrote: “Penelope will be 2 in March and I JUST finished her baby book! 🤦🏽‍♀️ Now I understand our lack of filled out baby books, especially for the baby’s of the family!! 😂🤷🏽‍♀️ BUT hey, I finished it!! I made her a Scrap Book for her Baby Book!!.
There’s a page for each Month, baby showers, bits of my pregnancy, holidays, and more all from the first year!! 🙌🏼” 

I received multiple messages asking to see more pages and tips for finishing the baby book!! Below you will see every page and throughout the photos I will post little tid bits and things I did to be able to do all of this!! I hope Penelope loves this when she’s older! I loved reminiscing on each of these moments!!

The monogrammed card above was used as thank you cards from my baby showers!

I included our excitement up to her birth too!! Show her the amount of love she received before she was even here!!

You will see on multiple pages that I added tags with fun facts! Later in the book they have her monthly milestones!!

I downloaded an app called TinyBeans the day Penelope was born and I am able to upload every photo and video taken of her and it puts it on a calendar of when the photos were taken! When I was ready to start this scrap book I went back through and was able to pick my favorite photos and big moment photos from that specific week or month!

I tried to keep everything in order! I started with finding out we were pregnant, baby showers, maternity photos, the birth, newborn photos, Week 1-4 and then from there I did each month! In between the different months I would add big holidays, her baptism, and ended with her birthday party and 1 year photos!

I know it’s not bright and colorful, I kept with a black background through 99.9% of the baby book to keep it timeless! Keep it all matching (OCD) and keep it where I could write notes from the different moments on the pages!! I added fun little stickers on random pages too!!

I would sit down every 4 months or so and get everything out and catch up!! Since it was a scrap book, you have to get all of the little things out! It was too much to do monthly (for me)! So I would keep a note on my phone with things she learned each month! Comments of things she’d do or say! How many little teeth she had break through! Her height and weight from dr’s appointments! All of it so I could scroll back and remember what to put on each monthly scrap book page! I was surprised how hard it was to remember little details! If you don’t sit down weekly to update your child’s baby book, keep notes!!!!

I ordered all of the photos on the Walgreens app! I get nothing for mentioning this! But it was so helpful! I could upload all of the photos I wanted to the app from my phone and go pick them up when they were ready!! Anything that helps makes things easier with a little!!

You will see some months I had a lot to say and other months not much! That’s OK!!! You may have stories you want to write and share! Go for it!! Remember also, it’s ok if  you didn’t capture everything you want to share! Sometimes in the moment you aren’t taking photos! Just share the story!! Yes this is fun to look through throughout the years but this will be the most cherished when they are way older, when we probably aren’t around! Share the moments and stories you want them to know later!

I had to do a close up of this one!! I loveeee it!! From Penelope’s Baptism, her Godparents got her this embroidered handkerchief!! Read the little note they gave with it! I left it in her baby book to keep it safe, clean, and easy to find on her special day!!! Perfect keep sake! Another reason I chose this type of baby book! These clear pockets make it easy to keep keepsakes!!

My biggest piece of advice for getting the energy to finish your child’s baby book:

Pour yourself a glass of wine, give yourself some YOU time when baby is sleeping or with family, and just sit down and focus! I had to give myself ME time to actually finish this!! It does take time but your child will cherish it soooo much when they are older!!! Remember this is for them! && for you to soak in every moment of your little one!! They won’t remember that the laundry wasn’t put up tonight, they will remember what you show them to remember! Dishes waited a few times so I could finish this so P had the memories later in life!

Other fun things you could include: Things that happened the year they were born, the front page of the newspaper they day of their birth, a family tree, how much common items cost this year, or even the number 1 song of the year!

I put the month on each page and her elephant monthly photo at the top corner of each page to help keep track!!

I want to throw this reminder in there: YOU ARE NOT A BAD PARENT IF YOU DIDN’T MAKE OR KEEP UP WITH YOUR CHILD’S BABY BOOK!!! So many start the books and then life takes over! Even if your child is 10 years old now and you’re looking at this and thinking of finishing it! That’s perfect too!! Like I mentioned in the beginning, I know now why my baby book isn’t finished, why my little sisters book is only 1/4 filled out! LIFE IS HAPPENING!!! I just finished Penelope’s 2 months before her 2nd birthday! I’m just very sentimental and wanted this done! It was a must have for me! I’ve had a few people make a comment about how I’m a good mom for this, NO, EVERYONE is a GOOD mom, baby book or not! DO NOT FEEL BAD!!! My next goal, start filming videos more!! I love watching home videos and looking at old photo albums at my grandparents! I want P to have those to look back on too!! Myspace wasn’t around forever and I don’t want to rely on Facebook being around forever! Heck my sister’s generation is already pulling away from Facebook because our parents and grand parents are on there! haha

I loved watching her grow throughout this book!! I decided to do my own scrap book to make it personal! I looked through multiple baby books and I never found one I was crazy about or gave me the space for the information I wanted to share with Penelope when she was older! It’s the perfect piece of decor on our book shelf too!! Right next to our wedding album!! Find the album that fits YOUR family and lifestyle!!

I will admit, I plan on ordering books from here on out though!! lol Those books where I can pick all of the photos and layouts on my phone or computer and its mailed to my home!! This took multiple hours through the past year to complete!! All worth it though!!!

Have you finish your little’s baby book?

Know a shop I can order Photo Books from??


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