52 Lists Project! Week 3!

We are on WEEK THREE of the 52 Lists Project!! It’s not too late!! You can jump in on this project all year long!!


Get your copies on Amazon or Barnes && Noble!! Head over to Week 1 to learn all about this project if you’re new here!! It’s a fun way to kick off each week!!

Our questions from each book this week:

Happiness – List the things that you are really good at: 

  • Being a mom (SIL said even though I’m a helicopter mom lol)
  • Photography
  • Scheduling and Planning things
  • Throwing creative parties

This one was hard to answer! I feel like saying I’m good at anything is like being full of myself?! If that makes sense? I asked my husband to help me and he said “arguing” (insert face in palm!!!) So then I went to my SIL!! She was a lot more helpful talking through things with me! lol

Togetherness – List everything you feel grateful for at this present point in your life:

  • Our Health!!
  • That our family business has gotten to the point that I’m working FULL TIME now && that we just hired 2 assistants!!
  • Hearing my daughter’s precious little voice learning new words everyday!!
  • Getting to be close to both sides of our family!! Spending so much time with family!
  • My SIL’s cookiessss!! lol
  • Having my husband home from work for a day!!

I LOVE this!! Helping you realize all of the amazing things you have right in front on you at the moment!! Be happy in the moment!!

Project – List the happiest moments of your life so far:

  • Getting Married! The most fun day of my LIFE!!!
  • A few hours AFTER giving birth to my daughter lol My life changed forever after that moment!

This Project List makes me want to start going out and creating more HAPPY moments in life! I want to travel more! Experience more!! It’s so easy to get caught up in the everyday routine! I’m super nervous but so excited to start going through the process to BUY a home this year!! I’ll be SUPER HAPPY the day we get our keys!!!


Here is Week 4: 52 Week Project of LISTS!! Week 4!

Don’t forget to share your answers in the comments below too!! Try asking your family these questions at the dinner table too!! Get everyone talking!



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