I’m Doing New Year’s Resolutions This Year!!

I haven’t ever done New Year’s Resolutions! I’ve either never had anything grand I thought I wanted to start at the end of the year OR I went through that teenage “I’m too cool for New Year’s Resolutions, they are dumb” phase!! lol I’m a project/list person! When I get my mind set on something I want it done right then and there!!! I have no patience!! I’ve quietly mentioned here and there that I have gone through some anxiety and depression this past year. I’m skipping around a little! Stick with me!! About a week ago someone asked me how old I was and I replied “25!” and went about my business! My mom stopped me later and said “umm you’re 26! Just so you know!!” I literally felt like I had just lost a year of my life!!! It was a dramatic moment for me! lol I went into this I need to get my life together moment!! I have noticed and mentioned for weeks now that I want to start making some changes!  So, this year I figured the beginning of the year is the PERFECT time to start fresh! I have 10 New Year’s Resolutions/Life Goals/Year Goals items below!! From little things to BIG things, in no particular order!!! Let’s see how I do with my FIRST ever New Year’s Resolutions!!!

  1. Focus More on Healthy Relationships 
    • I want to build the relationships I have with family and friends that are healthy! That are 2 sided and meaningful! I have spent so much energy trying to create relationships with people that are too consumed in their own bubble that I wasted time making the healthy ones stronger! I don’t want mediocre relationships! This life is too short for anything to be anything less than incredible!!
  2. Start Cooking More
    • I used to cook and bake! My favorite memories are in the kitchen with my grandmother growing up! Between some kitchen issues we had in our last home and honestly, pure laziness, I’ve gotten to the point where I very rarely cook! I want to make homemade cinnamon rolls with Penelope in the mornings, have dinner ready when my husband gets home from work! Be that amazing mom and wife! Let’s start in the Kitchen!! I have talked with a friend that wants to do this too and we are going to start doing family dinners every other week at each other’s homes!! I can’t wait!!
  3. Become More Polite
    • I don’t consider myself to be rude or anything of the sort! BUT for example, EVERYONE says there isn’t a mean thing that would come out of my grandmother’s mouth! I took a photo in middle school in one of those put your face in another image games. It was my face in this veryyy chunky baby’s face! The photo was VERY disturbing and notttt cute at all! lol We showed my grandmother and told her it was my dad’s newest cousin’s baby! Her response was “wow that baby sure has a lot of teeth!!” It’s the biggest joke in my family now! She can’t say a single mean thing!!! But I’d love for people to see me that way! I want to only say happy, nice, positive things! I know life gets hard and we have our moments, but I don’t want life to constantly be one of those moments! I want to start doing things for people without expecting things in return! Just because! Start putting others first!!
  4. Build My Confidence
    • I worry way too much what others think! I don’t make as many social media posts, blog posts, and general comments as I should because I’m constantly thinking that it may get taken the wrong way or people won’t agree with me! You should see me trying to take photos for products that I promote on Social Media! SMH!!! I am sooo awkward! lol There is a reason we started with and a majority of the photos you see are of Penelope! I want to work on my confidence and not second guess what everyone’s reactions are going to be! I want to stop apologizing for every little thing! (This post is a little more than my comfort zone normally goes, sharing some of my personal problems!!)
  5. Get all of my Hangers in my Closet to Match!
    • This one may seem SO random lol but it’s really one of my life goals! I have a mixture of different colored plastic hangers currently and I’ve always said, the day I have all matching hangers is the day I have my life together!! I’m making it happen this year!!! I want all matching of those nice felt like hangers!!!
  6. Find the Positives in Life
    • This is kind of an add on to number 3 and number 1! I want to start finding the positives in situations! Maybe it’ll help my depression and anxiety instead of spiraling down this little hole I keep finding myself in!! Realize everyone has things going on themselves, things aren’t personal, things could be worse! Make everything fun!!
  7. Become More of a Home Body
    • I constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY want to be out of the house doing something with someone!! It doesn’t matter what! I HATE being alone!!! I want to find some peace in being alone! In being at home! Sitting on the couch, enjoying a cup of coffee, watching the news and not worrying about trying to find something to rush off to do next!! To enjoy being in the moment!!
  8. Be More Patient 
    • Like I mentioned earlier, when I get my mind set on a project I want it done right then and there! As Penelope is getting older and starting to push more buttons, I want to take a breath and remember she is 1 and having a hard time communicating! I don’t want to get upset when my husband calls again saying he won’t be home tonight because of work, to remember he is working hard for us so I can stay home with our sassy little one and he is providing so much for us! It’s so easy to get caught up in ourselves and in the moment and I want to take a step back and not react so quickly to situations!!
  9. Buy a House
    • YASSS!! This is a BIG project of ours this year!!! I’m so nervous about how it’s all going to go!! I’m trying to keep the “everything is going to be hard and not go our way” thinking out of my head!!! We will start the process this beginning of the year and I will keep you all updated as we go!!
  10. Grow our Businesses
    • We hit a year for our Marketing Company and Mama’s Cold Coffee this past year!! We survived that first year!!! It was incredible for both companies and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store for us!!!

What are your New Year’s Resolutions this year??


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  1. Brenden James Martel says:

    A woman that cooks from scratch is a rarity today, I’m already jealous of what your husband will have waiting for him when he gets home in 2019, lol! Your daughter has the cutest name, too. I might use that someday, if I ever have a daughter. Congrats on making your first long-term, New Year’s Resolutions, too. They are great! I used to focus on the wrong relationships, too. I am doing my New Year’s Resolutions on my blog, EverythingBrendenMartel.Com, on January 1st, New Years Day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I will definitely check your blog out!!! Thank you!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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