Keep Your Packages Safe

I LOVE the news! I’m told I’m weird ALL of the time because of that! I literally have the News and Good Morning America recorded everyday so I can watch it later in the day!! I’m watching Good Morning America from this morning RIGHT NOW!! Anywaysss, almost DAILY I hear about ‘here’s another video of a porch pirate stealing a video, if you recognize this person call crime stoppers..’! I heard the other day that nearly 1/3 of all American’s have packages stolen off of their porches! That’s ridiculous that people have that little of a life to go around stealing packages!! You have NO IDEA what’s in there!! One lady said the thieves stole 3 boxes of cat liter! Jokes on THEM!! With the amount of Online Shopping going up, here are TWELVE ways to keep our Packages Safe and away from the Porch Pirates this year!

1. Order Online, Pick Up In Store/Drive Up Pick Up: Multiple Stores now have the option to order online and you can pick up in store! Helps avoid having to mess with the crowds  and lines of other shoppers, saves you time too! When you pick it up you know it’s safe with you! Some even have Drive Up Options so you don’t have to get out of the car!! Bonus Win if you have kids and you’re ordering online to avoid having to get the kids in and out!!

2. Make Sure you Turn On Delivery Notifications: You can choose to have alerts sent to your phone when it’s out for delivery and when it’s been delivered! You can run home and take it inside! OR…

3. Have a Neighbor Hold Your Packages For You: Talk with your neighbor about going to get your packages and hold onto them until you get home! When you get the delivery notification, message them that it has been delivered!

4. Get a Home Security Camera: Especially if the camera is visible, it helps deter thieves from stealing packages from your door step! Most security cameras alert you when there is motion at your front door and has 2 way talk so you can talk to the thief at your door saying you’ll call the cops and scare them off! You could also talk to the mail person and ask them to hide it in a certain spot. IF something happens, you have video proof of who it was!

5. Deliver to Front Office/Security Office: Do you have a Front Office or Security Office in your Complex or Neighborhood. Ask if you can have something delivered to the office, especially higher priced items! Leave a note upon check out to deliver to front office.

6. Leave A Note of Where to Put The Package, Hide It, Etc. You could also  leave a note to hide inside a bench on your front porch, behind a chair, plant, etc! Thieves want easy grab and go access! They don’t want to look around or move things to get to your package! Gives them a higher chance of being caught!!

7. If Possible, Have it Delivered to Your Work: If you have a nice boss and it’s easy to get your mail from the front office, see if you can have certain things delivered to work so they aren’t sitting out at your home all day while you’re working!

8. Get Amazon Key or Amazon Key In Car: You can purchase a kit from Amazon to allow the delivery person into your home or car!! It comes with a camera and special lock so you can see that they just drop the package off SAFELY INSIDE your home or car! Pretty pricing option but depending on your shopping and how much you order online, this could be a good option.

9. Self Storage Businesses Can Receive Packages: There is a Self Storage Company here locally that has mailboxes and is able to receive packages for customers to keep them safe!! We joked that it could also be a great thing if you don’t want your husband seeing all of your online shopping! 😉 You just pick them up after work!! Call around your local Self Storage companies and talk with them about that option!

10. Require Signature on Delivery: Mark the Require Signature box! They won’t leave the package just sitting on your porch! You get the package in hand! If you aren’t home when they come they leave a note of when they will try again and have an option to pick it up at the post office.

11. You can get a UPS/FedEx Membership and schedule your Packages to be Delivered at a Certain Time: Again, depending on your online shopping habits, it could pay off to get a membership with other companies, like UPS and FedEx! You can schedule what hours the package could be delivered! Schedule it when you’ll get off and be home!!

12. Know You’ll Be Out of Town? Put a Vacation Hold on your Mail with the Post Office!! Get with your Post Office and put your mail and packages on hold if you know you’ll be traveling for the holidays!!

Now that we’ve done everything we can to keep our packages safe; What do you do IF a package is stolen off of your porch?

Double Check! When you get that delivery notification and you get home and nothing is on your front porch, it’s hard not to start to panic! I’ve personally had this happen before! I called the post office and they called the delivery driver and they let me know they put in on my back porch so it wasn’t sitting out in plain site! It even says on their website, I found out later, that they may hide the packages to help with this problem. Check the back porch, in the grill, behind plants, in the bushes, in the garage. Think of different places they may have placed it! Hopefully this is all it was!!

Contact the Carrier! As I mentioned before they can get in touch with their delivery drivers and see if they remember where they put the package or give any details of the delivery to help with finding out what happened to your package. HOWEVER, if your package was 100% stolen: Each carrier has different policies! Here are the VERY BASICS!!! Contact them for more though!! Mostly, keep all information, tracking information and insurance if purchased! For UPS: File a report after 24 hours and then contact the seller! For Amazon: After 36 hours you can file a report, I’m reading they are the easiest to work with! For FedEx: File a report! Normally resolved in about 5-7 Business days! For USPS: I’m reading it’s a little tricker, file a report but they seem to send you to the sender. Most sellers will offer a refund or to send another item. Especially if this is a first time problem!! Plus these larger companies have more connections with the mail carriers than us individuals do and can find out more information faster than us!!

File a Police Report. If you don’t have a security camera, there won’t be much they can do but it helps put an alert on the area. It also helps if this has happened to others in the area but piecing everyone’s reports together can help find the person!


Here’s to keeping our packages safe this holiday season!!


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